At first you’re lost and have to open up three different types of navigation systems in order to find Constitution Lakes Park. Then just when your circling around for the third time about to give up, you see a sign in front of you that reads “Constitution Lakes Park”. You then drive inside only wondering if this really is the entrance to the park and not just a closed entrance that leads you to your doom. However, you still keep on driving because you know whatever is waiting on the other side will be absolutely worth the experience.

Constitution Lakes Park is located in southeast Atlanta about 7 miles from Georgia State University, which is about a 15 minute drive without traffic. DeKalb County bought the park in 2003 and made it into what it is now. Including the boardwalk, the parking lot, and of course the famous Doll Head Trail.

Constitution Lakes park is a nature preserve like no other. It’s inside the city and incorporates to the Industrial Area. It’s surrounded by a lot of wildlife activity and still has a part of Atlanta in it. You can find the regular things a park will naturally have such as benches and a beautiful view and trees. However you want see a playground for little kids. And unlike any other Park you won’t see a Doll Head Trail. Although the thought of a Doll Head Trail may sound creepy and scary, it’s actually very artsy and kid friendly. The Park does encourage you to add onto the Doll Head Trail but only by adding whatever you find in the park. Taggers are also welcomed of course and they leave behind they’re own little message to the bricks, trees, signs, and anything writable. The whole park itself makes you feel like your apart of someone else’s adventures and feelings.  This park is most likely to be liked and used by art lovers, urban explorers, birders, fishermen, tree huggers, history buffs and nature geeks. I personally fell in love with the lake and all that is in it. It’s a combination of the two things i love, nature and the city. At one part you have the beauty of the site, and then on the other hand you have the graffiti commonly found in Atlanta. You also have the feeling of being in a scary movie where you don’t know when someone is going to jump from behind and scare you. However the thought of snake pits scares me to the point where i’ll only go when they’re hibernating.