Midterm Reflection By: Shayla Nash

This class has shown me that my composition process has involved since high school.  In High School as long as I could argue or describe my topic I would pass English with high grades. Now I use the writing workshop to look over my essays and i’m starting to get a better grip on grammar. I also use more scholarly journals as my source of information instead of random websites, because they are a more trusted sources of information then websites. For my class assignments i’ve done reading summaries and annotated bibliography and i’ve used primary and secondary research and  now I can use what i’ve learned and improve on what I didn’t understand for the next reading and annotated bibliography assignments.

The way i do my English assignment are also different from high school and English 1101, i got to create a blog and customize it to my liking and post my assignments on their.  Which is a lot easier for me since I don’t have the best hand writing, it also saves me a lot of paper. I also post a lot of pictures with my assignments, since more of my class assignments require some sort of visual representation. The only audience for my assignment is my professor and classmates, who can make comments on my work. Which is one of the ways you can earn extra credits, which i have sadly have not been able to yet, but i plan to because i want to earn as many points as I can.

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