Bathroom Accommodation in Atlanta By: Shayla Nash

I. Public Bathroom Accommodation: Transgender people fight for their bathroom rights

II. Transgender a term used to describe people who’s gender identity differ from their sex. Transgender people have had to struggle very hard for their basic rights to be accepted by society and are still fighting. Now Transgender people are fighting for their rights to use the bathroom of the sex they identify as. However the main point is that transgender students at Georgia state university should not feel excluded in a learning environment.

III. A trangender person is effected by by this behavior. Example Architectural exclusion: Discrimination and segregation through Physical Design Of The Built Environment  by Shcindlar. Schindler talks about the way our environments affects our behavior, how we interact with other around us.

IV. When using public facilities there is always a risk factor. Some people fear that people will take advantage of transgender people using the bathroom mostly men. However people can be at risk of people of the same gender wither its sexual abuse or an aim to humiliate another. Who’s to say the girl next to you isn’t peeping at you this applies to guys as well. The only way to decrease this risk is to not use public bathrooms. If someone tries to use this situation to assault or take advantage of another person, then this person obviously doesn’t respect the laws that protect citizens and will seek situation to cause harm to another anyway. They will be punished by our laws but we can’t punish transgender citizens as well not for other people’s actions.

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