Class notes( 4/11/16)

What makes a good title:

  • proves audience curiosity draws the audience in
  • gives readers an idea of your thesis , or at least a specific idea of the topic your thesis comments
  • Is descriptive but concise

Does living in the city set children up for failure?

  • To argumentative
  • “Atlanta” instead of “This City”
  • The pros and cons of growing Up In Atlanta- less focused on the negative
  • Maybe inside the perimeter of Atlanta

What makes a good Introduction

  • Has a hook
  • Begin with a anecdote or really striking example
  • A quote

Atlanta Archive Contribution

Truly Living Well center for Natural Urban Agriculture is committed to growing organic food. TLW has served Atlanta by using natural GMO free food production. Natural urban agriculture is a social design centered on natural food production in the city. Its located at 75 Hilliard St NE, Atlanta, GA 30312.untitledWP_20151204_12_57_29_Pro