Annotated Bibliography 5

Reddy, Swathi Matta, Debkumar Chakrabarti, and Sougata Karmakar. “Emotion And Interior Space Design: An Ergonomic Perspective.” Work 41.(2012): 1072-1078. Environment Complete. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.

Within the article of Emotion and interior space design: an ergonomic perspective by Swathi Matta Reddy, aspects of physical emotion and inner feelings are discussed with regard to the interior environment of spaces. Reddy points out that human interaction between each other and physical emotion can be swayed into positive or negative lights depending on the interior design of a space. This article brings light to the necessity of creating an optimal interior space because of the emotional effect design has on individuals.

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The article draws information from research done on cognitive neuro-science and the psychological emotions evoked from the attributes of interior spaces. Texture, lighting, fabric, sound and temperature all play vital roles in human emotion and interaction in a space. This source captures virtually every aspect and detail of the design and environment of an interior space because of the extended research conducted and it also assists in connecting ideas of the interior spaces described in the article into our own research as we evaluate and critique the psychological emotions our individual interior spaces bring to us.

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