Annotated Bibliography 6

White, Allison Carll. “What’s In A Name? Interior Design And/Or Interior Architecture: The Discussion Continues.” Journal Of Interior Design 35.1 (2009): x-xviii. Art & Architecture Complete. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.

Allison Carll White raises a unique issue that would commonly not be noticed by the average individual in her article titled, “What’s in a Name? Interior Design and/or Interior Architecture: The Discussion Continues.” This article gives insight on the issue interior designers have with their career being labeled and referred to as interior architecture. White argues that interior design requires education, experience, and examination, whereas interior architecture involves a building’s design and structural system.


Interior Architecture


Interior Design

Throughout the article White explains that an interiors distinctive environment is mainly created and fashioned by interior designers and not the architectural build of the structure itself. Interior design involves lighting, acoustics, system integration, color coordination, furnishing and textiles. The atmosphere and make of interior spaces are all efforts of the interior designer and the architecture is an added source of aesthetics. White incorporates interesting viewpoints to her article that shape how we will examine interior spaces from now on. In the end however, this source exhibits a biased point of view because the article is written by an interior designer herself.

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