Georgia State University Digital Built Environment Description


Georgia State University’s website found at is a well-crafted digital space designed with a simple layout and easy to find main menus and tabs. Upon opening up to the home page of the site, the layout pattern is simple and easy to navigate through, and the colors are relatively neutral and basic because of the main use of white, blue, and grey. The site offers many tabs and links that will redirect its users to exactly where they need to go. At the top of the page there is a tab for each specific area that the school focuses on as well as links for alumni as well. The website has current news that is constantly updating as well as links to articles of interesting world news and news about the school itself as well. The site offers links to apply to the school on the opening homepage with easy to follow instructions as well as individual tabs for students and for faculty and staff. The Georgia State webpage also offers a link to the online map of the campus which includes a search bar in order for visitors to find buildings, offices, and whatever else they are looking for on the schools campus. This digital space has their contact information distinctly provided at the bottom of the sites home page as well as links to Georgia State University’s social media accounts accessible with just a click so that you can always be connected to the site digitally!


Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 5


This part of the Georgia State web site is the coolest feature that the site offers. Upon scrolling to the very bottom of the sites home page, you will notice that this is where the schools contact information is located. Above the contact information and below the Georgia State University “G” emblem, there are icons for each social media account. If you hoover your mouse over each individual icon and click, the page will be automatically redirected to each individual social media account of Georgia State. This feature is very handy and quick to access.

Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 4


One commonly known problem with many online sites is being able to navigate through the site and being able to find where the application link to the business, school, or any other type of organization is. However Georgia State’s web site has distinct clear links located in the middle of the home page that direct you to this image above. The application part to Georgia State’s web site is easy to find and has links as well as frequently asked questions to help navigate and make the application process much easier and user friendly!

Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 3


The main opening page of the Georgia State University web site is always up to date with current news article headlines and links to interesting articles about Georgia State and various other topics as well. Scrolling down through the main web site page will lead you to this image of current news happenings around the world as well as new achievements and research that Georgia State University has been recognized for.

Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 2



On the main web page there is a “Map” tab located at the very top of page, and when clicked you will be redirected to a large map of the whole campus of Georgia State University. There is also a search bar at the top of the map which can be used to find a particular area or building on campus. To test this feature of the map out, I searched up Urban Life Building and this map image of Urban Life along with a description of the building appeared on screen.

Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 1


This is the image of the opening page of the Georgia State University web site which is accessible by The opening page is very user friendly with eight different main tabs located at the top of the page which leads to each individual main menu. The site is open and easy to navigate to find what you are looking for. The very top of the page also has main menu tabs for student needs, faculty and staff needs, as well as a search bar to find exactly what you are looking for.

Interior Built Environment Description – Krog Street Market

Krog Street Market


This is an image in side of Krog Street Market which is located along the Beltline of Atlanta intersecting the trail at Edgewood Avenue in Inman Park and is home to many famous dining and retail shops within the complex. Krog Street Market which was created in the summer of 2014 has a unique atmosphere and a West Coast California feel to the environment. The Krog Street Market has a unique and very well crafted layout for the way shops and eateries are located throughout the complex. Before walking in to the main entrance, there is a separate brewery on the left and immediately when you walk in you are welcomed to an open space with a bar directly to the left and an open seating area to the right. As I observed more of this space I noticed that the environment consisted of a flat area with many shops set up to the left and right side of you, and the interior of the whole building is set up with an oval shaped approach. This particular space is quite distinctive because it has a variety of different environments all in one complex so that you can choose where you feel most comfortable. The space is open at first in the front area with a large spacious seating area but as you slowly enter deeper into the building the space is a bit crowded with tables between shops in the walkway area along with people which causes limited space between the shops making the environment feel a bit constrained. However, the layout of Krog Street Market is easy to navigate because there are no corners and it is not a closed area. The environment of Krog Street Market made me feel calm, sophisticated, and elegant for many reasons. The atmosphere has a calm feel to it because the colors present at the site were neutral and had an ecofriendly vibe to them. There were colors of light wood, white walls, and accents of gray and steel within the space because of the ceilings and chairs. The greenery dispersed throughout Krog Street Market within the flower shop and organic vegetable shop also added to the calm relaxing vibes of this space. The upscale majority white American cliental made this environment feel sophisticated and high class. Overall the Krog Street Market is a place for individual vendors to market their products and is also a hangout spot and a place to relax after work. Krog Street Market is well known in the Atlanta community and is not really advertised publically, however the site does target its intended users by the products these individual shops sell and the atmosphere the space releases. Krog Street Market is definitely a space that all should visit and spend some time at, it’s really a great spot to experience a different side of the Atlanta community!

Built Enviornment Description Interior Digital Record 5 – French Market Flowers

flower shop

While wandering through all that Krog Street Market has to offer, it is suddenly obvious that Krog Street is not known solely for the beer and well crafted, unique eateries, they are also known for their famous horticultural market located to the middle right hand side of the building called French Market Flowers. They offer various selections of flowers from “farmer florists” in the U.S. particularly in California that promote smaller carbon footprints, fair labor, and careful growing practices. This market is an Eco friendly spot that adds a pop of color to the Krog Street Market atmosphere.

Built Environment Description Interior Digital Record 4 – Krog Street Market SIgn

Krog Market SIgn

This image taken inside of the Krog Street Market captures the back sitting area of the building. If sitting in a crowded area with much noise and bright lighting ins’t for you, Krog Street Market has a designated seating area in the back with chairs and tables for customers and individuals simply visiting to rest in. Overlooking this space is a beautifully painted wall with the words “Krog St Market” on it accented with hanging lights to give this space a calm but still elegant atmosphere.

Built Enviornment Description Interior Digital Record 3 – Jeni’s Ice Cream

Jeni's Ice Cream

The famous and well known ice cream spot of Atlanta called Jeni’s Ice Cream is one of many small market shops located inside of Krog Street Market. Jeni’s Ice Cream is an all time favorite by many regulars and visitors to the area. They are known for making ice cream with all organic ingredients only and with no preservatives. Jeni’s Ice Cream located in the right back hand corner of Krog Street Market is a delight that all visitors must come and try!