Annotated Bibliography 4

ODABAŞIOĞLU, SEDEN1,, and NİLGÜN2 OLGUNTÜRK. “Effects Of Coloured Lighting On The Perception Of Interior Spaces.” Perceptual & Motor Skills 120.1 (2015): 183-201. Education Source. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.

In this article we learn about a study conducted by the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design that tested the effects that different colored lighting had on the built environment of interior spaces. The study conducted involved lighting differed in color such as red, green, and white. There were ninety seven participants and their perceptions of these interior spaces were assessed. As researchers evaluated the results of this study, evidence was shown that spaces under red lighting were perceived as least comfortable and spacious. White lighting made individuals feel that the space was much brighter, clearer, and useful as opposed to under green and red lighting.


Same interior space with different colored lighting

This specific source helps us understand specific aspects of the built environment of interior spaces and this study is useful for interior architects, designers, and those who use light to create different atmospheres in a space. This source also allows individuals to learn off of the information and data provided while assuring its audience that it was written in an unbiased manner due to the fact that all of the information was taken from a regulated study conducted. This source will help provide insight into our own interior environments.

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