“His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society”

“His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society” by Suzanne Tick is a progressive article that calls for developers to understand that we in a time where masculinity and femininity is built into our environments but these constructs need to be recreated into an accepting society where choice of gender does not matter. Tick describes that the places we work are created by men and is founded on male perspective. This male perspective is with the male being the head of the office and females in the workplace serve as the secretaries, which is an outdated and sexist perspective. For society to come to a completely equal playing field for both genders the author states that men have to join the gender equality movement. Because the LGBT movement has been so successful we also need to propel the gender equality movement alongside it. While this transition and acceptance movement is going on the issue of restrooms becoming safe spaces for all is brought up. Transgender and gender fluid individuals sometimes feel as if they are forgotten about when it is time to use the restroom. Facilities that do not offer gender neutral bathrooms force these individuals to chose a gender. At this point this leaves them sometimes feeling as if they cannot use the restroom in either and proceed to wait until they have another option. The author states that while developers are working on incorporating more sustainable options, “The time is ripe for designers to start questioning how they incorporate gender sensitivity into their work” (Tick, 2). Gender neutral restrooms allow for a harmonious environment and a safe experience for everyone. Tick also explains that the American Disability Act being incorporated into facilities everywhere was filled with discourse and we cannot approach gender accommodation the same way the Disability Act treated bathrooms and entryways. Suzanne Tick closes out the article with a powerful statement that inspires developers to understand that there are thousands of individuals who need to be accommodated for to allow for everyone to be themselves at all times.


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