Final Revisions (Extra Credit)

As a final revision to many of my posts I decided to remove the title of the assignments out of the title. This transition created a much more intriguing environment on the site and made it more accessible. Including “Built Environment Analysis” or “Annotated Bibliographies” in the title is redundant as the category section for each post is included for this purpose. Adding intriguing titles also creates a more interactive site as outside viewers are more likely to get a glimpse of what the page entails through the title.

I also  decided to tag more of my posts with more tags which will increase the sites visibility on search  engines Having more prominence on search engines will increase site traffic and possibly allow my work to benefit others.

Mid-Term Reflection

Information presented to me by this class’ coursework has proven to enhance my style of writing. In the past I have learned that when writing summaries to include commentary and information attained from further research to build on what the author has said. In this class I have learned that summaries should include nothing but a shorter form of what was written, how it was written and what is trying to be portrayed through the words. What I have learned about research and writing for this class is how to properly write an annotated bibliography because in the past I did not cite things properly and summarize the information properly. Writing for the built environment has taught me a lot on reflecting on my environment, which helps build patience and awareness. Sitting and reflecting on what I observed through the course of the hour at the Atlanta beltline made me realize things I have never see before even though I frequently visit the trail. The rhetorical situation for the compositions I have written in this class are as follows: The subject of my compositions have been on built environment and what all it means and how it is represented in and around the city of Atlanta, as a writer I have to compose works which reflect on what I have learned, and the readers must be properly informed by what I have to say but not persuaded to feel any way by my works. The audience we are trying to appeal to are others interested in Atlanta’s built environment and other topics which include history and rhetoric of different places in the city of Atlanta. Writing and composition using a blog is different from past writings I have done because I have to think about how the aesthetic of everything I post and the blog and how it affect the reader and their willingness to even read the article in full or not. Including different types of media enhances the work and engages the reader in multiple ways. Including these media types has definitely opened me to different styles and encourages my use of new strategies to analyze and summarize the media used.

Some of my strengths as a writer during work from this class is definitely how in depth I go when analyzing things. I think learning about intriguing topics such as the city of Atlanta and all its quirks really engages me and makes me strive to be attentive to my work. An aspect of my writing I want to work on is not including my personal opinion on things when it is not asked for and appropriate e.g. my summaries. For extra points I have attended office hours/ study groups which I believe was substantially helpful because for the first few weeks I had no idea how to work anything on this website or how to even access the weekly overview. I am not satisfied with the effort I have put into the class thus far. I feel like online classes are too much for me to handle but there’s a little character trait called perseverance. My workload with other classes is overwhelming me and causing me to focus less and less on this class.

I will change my approach to the remaining reading summaries and more that are due in the future. Based on what I have learned from the previous assignments I need to set reminders that things are due at least 3-4 days in advance to let myself know that things are due so I can work on each assignment in increments instead of all at once. I also need to include more media to enhance the readers and the level of engagement. Extra point activities I will incorporate into my weekly workload are the extra credit materials and submitting more of my pictures and sounds. Adding in these activities will help me improve as a writer because it will reenforce what I have learned from the reading. Overall I believe this reflection was beneficial because it made me ponder on my strengths and weaknesses during this English 1102 course and now I can make changes to better my work.

About Me


To keep it short and simple I’m basically a part time photographer and runner and a full time student and lover of chicken tenders. I go to Georgia State University and am currently a freshman pursuing a major in Clinical Health Informatics by 2016.

Syllabus Quiz

What are the major projects? In a bulleted list, provide links to the project descriptions for each of them.

How will your final grade be calculated?

Final Grades will be calculated by the total amount of points each student has earned by completing assignments, making submissions of summaries, projects and participation in class.

What is the “submission form” and how do you use it?

The submission form is where each student should go to submit any work or proof of work that was completed. You use it by stating your name, email address, the link for said assignment and a brief description of what you are submitting.

Submission Form

Embed the form below your answer (hint: Google “embed Google form” to find out how).

Embed the course calendar and weekly overview below this question.

Course Calendar/Weekly Overview

Where on the course website can you find an overview of what’s due and the readings for each unit?

You can find an overview of what’s due and the readings for each unit on the Course Overview page on the blog after scrolling to “What is the general plan for this course, and when are things due?” section. Right below there is a week by week breakdown of due dates.

What is the best way to see an overview of what’s due each week?

The best way to see what’s due each week is to check the Weekly Overview page on google docs. The link can be found on Dr. Wharton’s blog.

What is the attendance policy?

The attendance policy varies by what section the student is in. Students in the Monday Hybrid section get a 40 point deduction for every missed class.

What are my office hours, and how do you make an appointment to see me outside of class?

Office hours are from 9-11 on Mondays and Wednesdays in Park Place 2434. To set up an appointment the student should email the professor.

How do you earn participation credit? Provide a link to the instructions/guidelines for particiption.

To earn participation credit the student must interact with his/her peers in and out of class. The instructions and guidelines reside here: Participation Points

How many points can you earn by participating in or organizing a study group session?

You can earn up to 25 points per study group session.

How can you be assured of earning an “A” in this course?

You can be assured of earning an “A” in the course by earning over 2,500 points by the end of the semester.

What are the minimum requirements for earning a passing grade of “C”?

Students with at least 1,475 points by the end of the semester would have earned a “C”.

What do you do if you’re not sure how to document your participation in order to earn points?

If you are unsure how to document participation, you should stop by during office hours or ask before/after class.