Georgia Dome’s Faults Lead to Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Georgia Dome is the largest indoor venue available in the state of Georgia. It is located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta and is a premier key to Downtown Atlanta’s economic and tourism success. Since September 6, 1992 the Georgia Dome has been standing and serving as a host for live music concerts, conventions, sports events, and even Monster Truck rallies. The Dome is broken into multiple levels: the floor, club level, the suites, and the upper level seating. The higher up in the building, the lower the ticket prices (excluding box seating). The layout of the site separates those who pay more to watch an event from those who pay less. For instance, those who purchase tickets to view an event from the upper level cannot access food options on the club (second) level. This is unfair because the food options are the exact same building wide, while also helpful because sometimes celebrities may be seated in the club level and suites and do not want to mingle with such large amounts of people.

A rendering of the proposed Mercedes-Benz Stadium taken from

The Georgia Dome is open and easy to navigate as long as the tickets you bought were the most expensive. Suite level tickets also come with access to things around the entire venue whereas third level guests cannot access things other than the first floor and their level. The large walkways prevent clusters of people and gathering which creates for easy access and quick and safe evacuation if necessary. To also increase ease of access and safe evacuation the Georgia Dome and it’s workers promote the use of the large ramps instead of the escalators or elevators. The use of these ramps by patrons also greatly reduces the amount of electricity used by the venue. Even though this venue is well fit, it could use minor renovations. To combat the possible reoccurring renovations, it was decided that a new stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, would be built next door, and the Dome will be revamped into a massive parking structure.

Delta Airlines’ Website Just as Enjoyable as Their Flights

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.51.47 AM

Pictured above is the Homepage. The layout is set up to where the main thing they would like visitor’s attention set to, is the booking a trip search engine. The colors also help portray this message because the background image is set with darker tones and the search engine is a cool bright grey. The contrast really helps visitors focus on the “Book A Trip” tab, which is also promoted by it’s placement in the center of the screen.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.51.58 AM

The first page visitors see on the website is a woman who seems to be racially ambiguous. Because the image is of just one customer it is important the customer be multiracial in order to show the company caters to more than just one group of people. The customer is also drinking Starbucks coffee, showing that the company works closely with one of the largest brands, which makes the company seem more well known and successful, in turn drawing in more customers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.52.07 AM

This is the “Book A Trip” tab. From first glance it appears to be confusing and very advanced, making it hard to understand for the average user. But in reality it asks you the basics of the trip you are planning and finds the easiest or most relevant options to what customers are looking for.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.52.13 AM

From this menu option bar depicts, we can easily see that Delta Airlines is interested in their customers from planning the trip, all the way until they leave the plan on their departing flight. They offer options front and center to access what probably are the most needed features of the site including: managing existing trips, booking a flight or vacation,arrivals and departures of the plane, and check in information.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.52.21 AM

At the bottom of the home screen, it is clear that Delta is preoccupied with making sure the flight goes smoothly for everyone. They have links with clear titles to show they offer support and services for the minorities of the traveling world such as Disabled passengers, and passengers in large groups, with pets, children or infants.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.52.40 AM

The homepage may seem as if it stops scrolling after the footer bar with the Disability tab, but for curious visitors who want to see more, they can keep scrolling to see fare sales. Delta has depicted 3 of their premier flight options. These flight options include flights to Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. This diverse list of areas persuades visitors that Delta is an inclusive company and services every part of the world.


After our studies of the built environment this semester, I have become more aware of how things are meant to subtly shape our views without boing conscious of the transition. Analysis of the Delta Airlines website ( has led me to believe that they company wants the site visitors to realize they are an all inclusive company be it flight destinations, diversity of the passengers, or special accommodations and they want each flight experience to go as smoothly as possible. Delta Airlines’ homepage is a cool blue color and it is welcoming to the eyes. Front and center is the “Book A Flight” tab, aimed at making your search experience easier. It offers various options and even goes finds car rentals and hotel stays from cross listed companies. The color of the tab is an off-white, which makes one focus all attention to it because the backdrop is a dark color. The background image is of a racially ambiguous woman on board a flight, with a starbucks coffee in her hand. This appears to show off the company as being open to all ethnicities and the Starbucks coffee goes to show that they work closely with some of the most prominent names in other industries which further showcases the prowess and success of Delta Airlines. The flight company also has many features on the site which show that they have everything one could need in terms of traveling. They offer special accomadtions for disabled passengers, families with children or pets, children flying alone and even discounted prices for groups of 10 people or more. Finally, Delta works to show flyers that they are an inclusive company through their photos of racially ambiguous models and fare sales for every inhabited continent. This goes to show their guest that Delta is all one would need when booking a vacation experience from start to finish.

Georgia Dome’s Sound System, A Costworthy Experience

This sound clip showcases the sound system used at the Georgia Dome. The Georgia Dome in 2010 replaced the sound system the building was originally equipped with in 1992. This portion of renovation cost over $3 million to complete. The $3 million covered installation costs, and the costs of the 100+ speakers and amplifiers which were put into place.

Creating Raving Fans: Georgia Dome’s Employees

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.42.07 PM

At the Georgia Dome the event staff are a hard working team of over 2,000, working to provide a great experience to the patrons. The employees work and take care of things such as crowd management, ticket taking, showing guests to their seats, event security, traffic control, and consulting. Employees are paid $7.50 an hour with no benefits and do not make enough to live off of the infrequent paychecks.

Taylor Swift Brings Down the Dome Without Bulldozers

IMG_1567Taylor Swift, known for her transition from country music’s princess to one of the most powerful females in pop music sold out the Georgia Dome for her Atlanta show during the North American Leg of tour. Over 56,000 tickets were sold to a diverse crowd of different ages and races. To create a floor to seat so many people the Dome covers the field with plastic tarp and then lay down over 6,000 ply wood sheets. The stage and seating are then placed above it.

From a Grassy Field to a Pit of Dirt: Monster Jam 2016 at the GA Dome

This picture was photographed at the Georgia Dome on March 5, 2016. The picture depicts what is known as the “Pit Party” where event goers at Monster Jam can go into the pit and view and interact with the Monster Trucks and drivers before the show. The photo was taken from the club level section of the IMG_1574Georgia Dome. This section is known for the “Club/Mezz Split” which splits patrons with club level tickets from patrons with Mezzanine seating. The Mezzanine patrons pay less than club ticket patrons who have access to eateries that the Mezzanine patrons cannot purchase from due to the fact that they cannot be let into the Verizon Wireless club. From the Verizon Wireless club, the executive suites can be accessed and patrons can also purchase exclusive food and souvenirs.

The Atlanta Beltline as a Built Environment

For my exterior Built Environment study I took a trip to the Atlanta Beltline. The Atlanta Beltline trail I studied is the Eastside Trail. IT stretches from Irwin Street (a block from the Krog Street Market), and runs all the way to Piedmont Park at the intersection of 10th street and Monroe Drive. It lies in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood of East-Atlanta and stretches from Downtown Atlanta to Midtown. The Eastside Trail was officially completed and opened on October 15th, 2012. Along the trail are many important artifacts such as sculptures, paintings, graffiti, and murals. These artifacts are scattered randomly along the Eastside trail but all within close enough distance to keep the average attention-span intrigued the whole way. The layout of the site is in a linear form as the trail does not loop around, although the city plans to connect the Eastside trail to the rest of the Beltline when it is completed when funding is complete. The Beltline is easy and open to navigate for people who get on through the Ponce City Market, Virginia- Highlands entrance or in Midtown. People who live in nearby apartments frequently complain about how bushes, landscape and gates prevent them form accessing the Beltline through the backdoors of their residencies. This makes me feel as if the brush is not kept trimmed to prevent people from lower-class neighborhoods from entering the Beltline.  This site is very appealing to many people of different ages and demographics. It can be used for multiple things such as leisure, exercise, shopping at the Ponce City Market, or even commuting to work. This sites uses are advertised through social media, signs along the Beltline and appealing attractions along the trail. When enjoying the Beltline many patrons stop to check out the local shops and eateries near on along the Beltline. The Atlanta Beltline serves as a safe environment for bikers, skateboarders, and people on foot to enjoy the city life while engaging with art and fellow Atlantans.