I chose to do my description on Buckhead. I chose this site because there are a variety of different things and people to observe. The exterior of Buckhead is very upscale and modern. The buildings and streets are very new. For this description, I decided to just drive around Buckhead and see what I could see.

Buckhead Wall

This wall is called “The Buckhead Wall”. This wall is very intriguing to me. It was one of the first things I saw when I entered the Buckhead area. It was very interesting to see this when I drove by on my way to Lenox, so I stopped in this parking lot, climbed a few flights of stairs, and took this picture. It is located across the street from Buckhead Station.

Artifact – Buchkead Station goodbye sign

Leaving Buckhead station, I came across this. I chose this as my artifact because it was saying “see you later”. I decided to take a picture of it and continue on my journey through Buckhead.


Leaving Buckhead station, I was sitting in a bit of traffic, but this photo was what I was looking at while sitting in traffic. This is part of the Buckhead “skyline”. I was on my way to Lenox from Buckhead Station and took this picture. This is just a couple blocks from Lenox. It caught my eye because of the design of the buildings in this area.

Outside Lenox Mall

I went to Lenox Mall, because it is one of the main attractions of Buckhead. I took this before I walked in. There were a lot of people around and it was a very busy place. While I was observing outside like I had while driving around Buckhead and Buckhead Station, I noticed that there are a lot of people in this area.

Once I had finally arived at Lenox, I went inside to see what I could see. I took this video while of the people going up and down the escalators to show how populated this attraction is. It was busy at the time I took this so I figured it would be perfect.


I took this photo inside Lenox as well. I chose to take this photo for 2 reasons: 1. It represents Buckhead as a whole in relation to how upper-class this area is and 2. I have only seen a Tesla in Buckhead. For those 2 reasons, I took this and decided to share it as part of my digital records.