Graduation Portfolios

Georgia State University’s English Department requires a portfolio for graduation due at the midpoint during the semester they are graduating. In Rhetoric and Composition, students create digital portfolios using a website creation platform of their choice.

1. Read through the Rhetoric and Composition portfolio requirements packet and the description of the critical reflection component of the portfolio. If you have questions, please see your Senior Seminar instructor or contact the Director of Rhetoric and Composition, Dr. Ashley Holmes at

2. Create your digital portfolio by either creating a website using with your campus ID and password or choose another online program to create your website.

3. Submit the URL for your digital portfolio to Note: you should receive an email survey that you must complete for your Chalk & Wire account to be created. If you intend to graduate and have not yet received the email survey, contact he Director of Rhetoric and Composition, Dr. Baotong Gu at

Two faculty members from Rhetoric and Composition will evaluate the portfolio and, if the student passes, approve the student for graduation.

**Information about graduating from the College of Arts & Sciences can be found by consulting the Office of the Registrar.