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  • rhetoric and composition faculty

Faculty: Baotong Gu, Michael Harker, George Pullman, Elizabeth Sanders Lopez, Mary Hocks, Lynée Lewis Gaillet, Ashley J. Holmes (click to enlarge in new window)

Composition and Rhetoric at Georgia State University is an area of concentration for earning a B. A., M. A., or Ph. D. in English, although anyone can take the courses offered. No other university in Georgia offers this opportunity.

As a student in Composition and Rhetoric, you will study rhetorical history and theory as well as contemporary approaches to the theory and practice of writing in both academic and non-academic settings. You will also learn how to use new digital publication platforms that will make you more attractive to prospective employers.

Whatever your academic and career goals, taking courses in Composition and Rhetoric will help you become a better writer and improve your ability to communicate effectively.

Meet the Faculty

  Lynée Gaillet
25 Park Place 2423
History of Rhetoric, Archival Research 
  Baotong Gu
25 Park Place 2433
Director, Rhetoric and Composition
Technical & Professional Writing
harker_headshot   Michael Harker
25 Park Place 2428
Director, Lower Division Studies
Literacy Studies,
Rhetoric and Composition
hocks_headshot   Mary Hocks
25 Park Place 2435
Digital Rhetoric, Composition Studies
holmes-headshot   Ashley J. Holmes
25 Park Place 2430
Director, Writing Across the Curriculum
Public Pedagogy, Composition Studies 
lopez_headshot   Elizabeth Lopez
25 Park Place 2433
Associate Chair, Department of English 
Technical & Professional Writing
pullman-headshot   George Pullman
25 Park Place 2424
Digital Rhetoric, History of Rhetoric
snow-headshot   Malinda Snow (Emeritus)
25 Park Place 2323
Rhetoric, Eighteenth-Century British Literature