Undergraduate Students

The Bachelor of Arts in English Concentration in Advanced Rhetoric and Composition program works to give students a strong foundation in their writing, critical thinking, and community engagement skills. A degree in rhetoric and composition begins and ends with using writing to affect change in your community—in the world, now. Many of our courses in digital publishing, food and travel writing, and the history of rhetoric and literacy provide opportunities for service learning and internships while also addressing issues such as climate change, urban poverty, and education inequality. While studying in the rhetorical and composition program, students will connect with a broad audience from all backgrounds on both a domestic and global level. We subscribe to a broadened definition of “writing” and ask students to engage in digital writing, developing their technological skills and learning to use innovative technology to create beautiful, well-crafted, and reliable content for print, web, and social media. At the end of your coursework and during the Senior Seminar course, you must submit an electronic portfolio (efolio), created on your GSU sites blog as your requirement for graduation.

Ultimately we believe that writing changes the world, and you can learn and develop this craft by “doing” in the college classroom. What you learn will be applicable and relatable to a “real world setting” for a variety of careers.