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Reading Summary 5: Color Walking


William Burroughs challenged students to take something simple as walking down the street into a challenge to be inspired. Phia Bennin and Brendan McMullan, the writers of the article “Color Walking”, work on a podcast called Colors. Their main goal is to, “illuminate ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience”. Many […]

Hierarchy of Space in Atlanta


Atlanta is a fast past city, filled with corporate and small businesses. The way the city of Atlanta is built defines itself and the people who live, work, and visit. The built environment has the ability to control an individual’s perception, such as, what type of people live in an area and what they are […]

Classwork 4/13/16


For the title of the Essay, I was thinking about The Hierarchy of Space in Atlanta or The Meaning of Architecture in Atlanta. For my Built Environment Analysis, I want to write about the effects of design in the built environment. Also I want to write about the impact of the space we chose to […]

Reading Summary 6: Better Online Living through Content Moderation


  The article, “Better Online Living through Content Moderation”, People have the option to block or restrict certain content that they do not want to have in their lives. In certain cultures victim’s abuse online is not treated with the intensity that it should. Online bullying provokes violence and caused a great amount of stress […]

Digital Description Overview


As I first ventured through the King Center website, the first thing I noticed was how dark it is. The main color of the website is black which could have any meaning for the King’s cause. Since the website is very dark, it is not very appealing to the eye. The other main color of the website […]

Digital Description 5


On the King Center website here is a tab labeled Learn. It is a drop down tab. The last option inside of the Learn tab is called books and bibliography.  The website offers a list and description of work written by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The website emphasizes the books because they are on […]

Digital Description 4


The King Center website has about five tabs. The last tab is a tab called Dream. It is a dropdown tab with three options. Once clicked upon it has enlarged words such as Education, Family, Peace, and many other words. The website has an opportunity for those inspired to post their dreams. Marin Luther King […]

Digital Description 3


The website The King Center as interactive features including social media. Having  social media options gives opportunity to reach more individuals. The King Center has an account for many popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Those may never been on the King Center website can be linked to it through social media. Social media accounts […]

Digital Description 2


On the King Center Website, the first tab is an About tab. It is in drop tab form. Having the form gives the website visitor the opportunity to choose what they want to learn about in depth.  Since the About tab is first it shows that learning about the King Center and who it is dedicated to […]

Digital Description 1


On the right margin is a box with the location of the King Center. It is the only thing on either side of the margins. The location is very clear and also has a number attached for any questions. The number alongside the address is important because people may not be familiar with the location […]

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