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Interior Description Overview


municipal marke sign

The Municipal Market was founded in 1924 and now houses twenty four individual businesses. There is a wide range of items at the market from popcorn to seafood. As I walked into the Municipal Market I felt at home. There is a strong sense of community. The market allows familiarity. People who come in greet those who own their businesses as close friends or even family. I personally truly enjoy the Municipal Market. It promotes private businesses to strive. The market is very close to my dorm which allows me to buy fresh fruits and vegetables sometimes at a cheaper price. The market offers things such as a book store and a pharmacy. The books in the book store are old and reused. This is a great way to buy books at a cheaper price and have access to books that may not be available anywhere else.

The market is large and can seat many people but it was very vacant. There were about twenty customers in the market. The way the market is built may make customers shop at mainstream grocery stores. The market is not as modern as grocery stores. The way the market looks may give potential customers the idea that is not as efficient or clean as another place.  The Municipal Market allow you to meet the people who make and produce the food you are about to eat. The workers were extremely kind and were available to help me with anything I needed. The market made me happy because it was nice to see people working, doing something that they loved.

Interior Description 5


municipal marketmarket ceiling

This is a photo of the Municipal Market’s ceiling. As I looked up I saw the makeup of the ceiling. It seems is sturdy to hold signs from. The ceiling does have pieces of it missing. This seemed a little dangerous because particles could fall into produce. The ceiling also represents how old the Municipal Market is. It does not have modern tiles; instead it has concrete.

Interior Description 4


talapia express

As I walked into the Municipal Market I immediately saw how unaccommodating the counters were for people in wheelchairs. People who operate in wheelchairs have obstacles in their way such as the chairs under the counter. The cash register is very high up which makes the cashier reach towards the customer. Although those operating can see the menu the space is not made for those with disabilities in mind.


Interior Description 2



There are many different food options at the Municipal Market.  The Municipal Market has everything organized by the type of food. This makes it very easy for customers to come inside and buy exactly what they need. The prices for the are convenient and easily seen. There is also great lighting which makes is easier for customers to see the fruit and make them more available to buy.

Interior Description 1


best service in town

This produce sign in the Municipal Market was very interesting to me. The Municipal Market  is composed of many private vendors instead of one major corporate grocery store. The phrase “BEST SERVICE IN TOWN”, is making a statement that you will get quality service and great produce from that vendor. I believe this sign is a small statement that encourages small businesses to strive. This sign also encourages people not to be afraid to shop at small shops or vendors.

Oakhurst Community: Exterior Description


childrens bench

While visiting the Oakhurst Community I came across a small bench in front of the Community Garden.  To me this garden represents the sense of community Oakhurst has. The bench seems to be decorated by young children from the neighborhood. The bench itself looks very unique in how it is made. This bench gives the community a sense of family and youth. The bench shows that the community desires their residents to feel as though they belong and have an input in how the area looks.

real mural

In the center of the Oakhurst community, I was astonished and delighted to see the mural above. This particular mural filled me up with joy because it was nice to see a community promoting a happy environment for children. This mural in my opinion represents being active and it gives me a glimpse of how the people view their neighborhood. The mural presents happiness, joy, and peace within the community. The mural make the community feel like an actual community and not just strangers living side by side.

clean up dog sign

As I walked around the Oakhurst neighborhood I noticed this sign. This gave me the idea that there must be a lot of people who own dogs in this area. This sign showed to be the value the Oakhurst neighborhood has for itself and the people who reside in the community. The sign is a reminder to the people who there who have dogs to clean up behind them. Although this is the law I understand that most communities do not have this small luxury of a kind reminder. This sign is a small gesture that makes the community look more organized and pleasing to the eye.

universal joint menureal universal joint

Universal Joint, was one of the many small restaurants that I viewed in the center of the town that particular day. There were many stores, restaurants, and small businesses in the area. This was an opportunity to understand what kind of taste the community has. The Universal Joint is a family friendly pub with five star reviews. This location was very clean like the community itself. The Universal Joint seems like a town favorite and original place to dine.


community mailboxes

This is a picture of the mailboxes that are owned by the residents who live in the Oakview Gardens Apartments in the Oakhurst Community. These mailboxes represented the two different types of lifestyles in the community. In most of the community, the people have house that vary in size but others live in small apartments. The mailboxes represent how certain people are forced to live a certain way. The mailboxes allow no personalization and creative freedom like other mailboxes I seen in the community.






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