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As I first ventured through the King Center website, the first thing I noticed was how dark it is. The main color of the website is black which could have any meaning for the King’s cause. Since the website is very dark, it is not very appealing to the eye. The other main color of the website is green. The right hand side of the website have a large profile of Martin Luther King Jr. while in the middle of speaking. This incorporation of King’s face shows his powerfulness. I can see the drive, ambition, and passion in his eyes. This immediately made me inspired and grateful for his activism. The photo of King lets people visiting the site know who’s site it is immediately other than the name of the website. The website attempts to preserve his legacy and keeps the focus on Martin Luther King Jr. the website is also focused on donating to the King Center. There is only one image of the symbol for the center.  There are about six tabs which are focused on learning more about the King’s. The King Center website has a digital archive which has pictures, letters, and other images regarding or concerning King. The website has news about King which keeps his legacy alive today. The websites tabs and options are all in block form. The websites font is also blocking and gives off a formal tone. The way the website is set up allows people to go directly to what they want. There not any distracting factors which allows me to stay focused on all the content of the website. There are social media accounts for the site which allows people to gain information in a different way. The website could be made in a better light. The color scheme is very dark and depressing. There could be more images and colors. The website has a section to add individual dreams. This option seems to give individuals an opportunity to create and share their own dreams like Dr. King. I feel the website is made for an older audience or those researching King or the site. The website does not appeal to children. The website is very dull and children would lose interest quickly. The website lacks interactive features. 

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