Reading Summary #6

Better Living Online through Content Moderation by Melissa King

             This article explains the importance of how certain content on the internet like advertisements should be blocked so as to reduce time being spent online. These distractions can also stray the user away from what their main job was intended to be. A lot of people have the choice to limit the amount of content they see online by installing apps that prevent non-related content.

           Sometimes the user gets tempted to see something interesting that catches their eye. This is when they start to give into clicking something that could be dangerous for them to see or even for the computer to download. It leads viruses swarming into the computer. In other cases, cyberbullying has become a nationwide problem for teenagers who are more vulnerable to being targeted. There are a number of other ways people are attacked mentally and this is just one way the younger generation are affected.

           Another feature that helps people online is the use of block lists. Block lists block people who the user feels uncomfortable with. Avoiding illegal harassment by cutting the people who do harm in ones life is an essential part in decreasing the intensity of the problem. This takes a lot of courage to do as it can be for personal reasons and for other reasons like protection. Genderwise, it is mainly the females who are being harassed more than the men because females are more sensitive and they seem to be more affected by it.

          As a result, people should be given the freedom to choose what they want in life. It is a choice made by them to satisfy their needs. Anyone opposing can cause conflict, even disaster and chaos as wrong information is being portrayed into ones life. Encouraging people based upon their decisions and exposing themselves to the consequences tends to make their life a little bit easier to handle when it is said to be against bullies. We all have a responsibility of owning up to our own actions. So make your actions worth the fight against being bullied.

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