Piedmont Dining Hall’s Interior

The dining hall at Piedmont North is a really good place to eat and to meet new friends. Most people have a meal plan so that they could take however much food they need and also take advantage of the other services they provide there. The dining hall has a variety of food from fruits and vegetables to hot dogs and hamburgers. Different sections like the breakfast, dessert and drinks sections are included in the dining hall. They even make omelettes and other dishes individually for people to eat. Sometimes the dining hall can be a little busy and congested with people as lines form in the dining hall for peoples food to be cooked separately and according to their preference. My favorite part that they serve in the dining hall are fruit smoothies,and cereals. Fruit smoothies are made from scratch in a combination that students prefer. more than 5 type of cereals are found in the dining hall. People who are lactose intolerant, like me, are given with other alternatives like soy milk,almond milk or lactose-free milk. They have small tables where four people come and eat together. It basically looks like a decent restaurant. They also have seats near the glass window for people who enjoy watching the landscape near the dorm as they eat. As you can see in a picture, a TV is provided for the students entertainment as they enjoy their meal. The dining faculty are open to the students opinion and what they think should be included in their meals. They occasionally have times where they serve food that correlates with the holiday. Sometimes music is played in the dining hall and it turns people on. Dancing is something you will find happening every now and then.

Ice Cream

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Best Self Atlanta – Digital

bestselfatlanta.com is a website where articles about health,fitness,beauty, food and nutrition are posted for other people to read and to be informed about how one can enrich the quality of life. For some people, they find it useful and apply it in their everyday life or at least try to. Some articles are found to be more appealing to read than others. As you can see, there are a bunch of topics under the categories that were mentioned earlier in this post. The site also has informative blogs about different online programs and things people do to achieve what they mention in the articles. They certainly have suggestions for almost anything. Other things found on this website that people could engage in are the different events hosted to help the people or even society. Volunteer opportunities in certain areas are open for people who would love to give out a helping hand for our society. These activities are posted up on the website in the form of pictures to give people an idea of what they may be dealing with. The website also has a search bar for the different categories they have article topics in. This makes it more convenient for people to look for what they need.


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Clarkston’s Exterior

My location is in Clarkston. I specifically chose Georgia Perimeter College which has now become a part of Georgia State University. I can admit that there are places in Clarkston where it looks pretty decent but for the most part it still needs to be cleaned up. A few places that look like its plain can be used for things like making mini stores where people could buy snacks. Other ideas can be to set up benches for people to rest at or any other public service that doesn’t only require students to be taking part in. They have a water foundation which gives out a calm and peaceful outlook on campus because it is in the middle of a lot of green landscapes with a few flowers here and there. Their halls look nice and the entrance with the huge glass box window looks beautiful upfront. I have noticed that their sign says “Georgia State University”-Clarkston Campus. I love how they have a row of white and yellow flowers accompanying each other in front of the sign. It makes it looks like they are giving out a welcoming message for its students and future students. Apparently Georgia Perimeter is now a part of the panther family. This looks like a pretty decent college looking at it from the outside.