Reading Summary #4

“His & Hers:Designing for  Post-Gender Society”   –  Suzanne Tick

          Nowadays, we are living in a community where gender cannot merely be accepted just by admitting it but by proving it. People need to work on accepting people for their own individuality. Modernism is a movement in the arts that modifies modern ideas or something new. This area is mainly dominated by the males. Males have a primary role in offices while women have a secondary role of supporting them.

          A video on Emma Watson presenting a speech that promoted the He for She movement demonstrated gender equality for both men and women. This video went viral all over the internet. It made people really think and ponder on this topic.As we all know, the debate on whether same-sex marriage should be accepted or not has been going on for years but has finally come down to a decision of being accepted in the society.

          As time progressed, women started to make their way into being more involved with the primary activities that men would get themselves into. While this change is happening, items that women use or buy like makeup attract the attention of men. This has taken into fact that the roles of men and women are being switched.

       Physical appearances sets confusion for people who try and identify people using their physical characteristics. This is because many of the characteristics tend to overlap each other in both men and women. So it would be hard to distinguish genders. Decisions of not being identified through gender are being made. People even change their gender besides the fact that they are not transgender. Many schools accept what people for who they are and for who they think they are. This is a huge building block that a majority of us do not do.

       Trans CEO of United Therapeutics, Martine Rothblatt, is the highest paid female executive even though she is born male. Rothblatt published her book “The Apartheid of Sex” that argues how everyone has their own unique individual identity through gender. In this book, she states how social attributes play a significant role to identifying human sexuality. She also says that the division between men and women is as wrong as the division between black and white races.

        Large companies and a few colleges utilize gender-neutral or, in other words, unisex bathrooms just so that it would be convenient for both men and women. This was also done so that it would not disperse a sense of discomfort and instead let people feel like they are secure in person. Accommodation is something everyone struggles to deal with. It is not universally agreed by everyone. But can be controlled a a point where transgender people are merely humans just like we are.

        Creating an environment where transgender people can associate and feel comfortable in would be essential for them to grow individually. Disasters, arguments and fights can be held off for other purposes.Stepping out into the bigger picture, gender equality has been something that needs to be achieved and is somewhat still needs a little bit of working on.

Reading Summary #3

 Making bathrooms more “Accommodating”   -Emily Bazelon

               This article aims more focus on how transgender people are mainly being handled and treated in different places. It also explains how people are not sharing facilities that are targeted to accommodate one side of the sex. We all have this sign inside of ourselves saying that something is wrong when a person of the opposite sex walks into the wrong restroom. This is only arises people to become uneasy when this happens because everyone was taught  to use the restroom of their own gender. Many people are against having the opposite sex enter the dominantly opposite sex of the person entering the restroom. Even in cases of transgender are sometimes never an excuse for them.

              One crucial issue that we all stumble upon even up til this very day is sex distinction and the ability to cope with it. Transgender people has caused lots of confusion and discomfort for many people. Some of the confusion involves taking showers, sharing gender based bathrooms and associating with them. Schools decided to treat transgender people with the same equal rights that everyone else has. This applies to every part of life except for where these people are going to use the restrooms and locker rooms to change. Accommodation is a term that denotes for hospitality and adaptation. On the other hand, it can also mean to make room for other people whether you like it or not.The word “accommodation” has built up a lot of contradictions between one side and the other. There are two sides where accommodation takes place. One is by the transgender people and the other is everyone else being affected by it.

              There are a few distinctions between the men and women restrooms that make it a little frustrating for how it is not entirely equal for both men and women. The lines in the men’s restroom are always moving or rarely seen at all. While on the other side, the line in the women’s restroom seem to grow as time goes by. On the bright side about the women’s restrooms is that they are highly clean and refined. As an extra, women also have “retiring rooms” due to how women are more vulnerable to dizziness and fainting.

              Although many people are against sharing the same facilities with the opposite sex, some people prefer to use unisex bathrooms. Unisex bathrooms are open to both sexes and they could also be used because of how men tend to have women physical characteristics or vice versa. An example is that men could have manly boobs and women could have hair in places that men do. All in all, this promotes a little bit more privacy and it comes in favor of the transgender people.

               The Transgender Law Center provided society with a resource guide called “Peeing in Peace” that states a couple of strategies to bear the existence of transgender people. The first strategy is called Invisibility where one ignores the other person’s presence. This may seem rude at first but it can avoid disagreements and fights. The second strategy is called Gender Proof. This is where gender can be identified by simply picking out the physical characteristics of a human being.

              Overall, this community still struggles with the concept of how transgender people should be put up with. They somehow come up with small solutions to somehow squeeze transgender people in the society successfully but not entirely. There are still conflicts here and there about these issues being presented in public.