Campus Event – Block Party!

My friends and I went to a block party held here at Georgia State.I chose this event because I thought it would be a nice way in enjoying my life here at college and with expanding my social circle. I went to the party with my roommate and a friend of mine as a group. The experience was fun. We got free food and made tie dye t-shirts. The colors for tie dye ran out in the end but we managed to somehow make the most of what we already had. They played music and we started to dance.The event was mainly to address college spirit, to create a friendly environment and to have fun. They were selling huge pretty rings and other jewelry were there! I would go again if I had the chance because I had a great time with my friends. Most of the time my friends were shouting to get the other person to hear what they were saying since the music was blared up.

I have attached a video and a few pictures that we took while we were there. I have also inserted an unsuccessful picture of my friends and I trying to take a picture with Pounce! Everyone meet Pounce in the video!


Snapchat-2423801580405962437                                     Snapchat-2597502908083371557



Time Management Activity

  schedule #1                schedule #2

                                     A few things that I could improve on would be to avoid procrastination, stop being lazy especially when it comes to doing things early, and taking up too much leisure time.  I am a person who gets distracted easily. As of right now, I am a highly adaptable person when it comes to moving to new environments because I have been moving around a lot in my life. So adjusting to the environment, meeting new friends and having to know what it feels like has been something I’ve been doing constantly every few years. Something I could do to prevent these challenges from happening would be to restrict myself from activities which are unnecessary to attend to like parties, hangouts with friends and being on social media for too long. Instead of making everything else other than my studies a priority, I might as well set those things as a second priority.

As shown above, the two time schedules I have listed tend to be entirely different from what I ideally want it to be. For example, my Friday schedule says that I exercise and walk around the neighborhood as compared to my ideal one, it doesn’t even mention those two things. My Friday schedule says how I visited my cousins’ house and spent a lot of fun time with family as opposed to my ideal one. It doesn’t even say anything about going over to my cousins’ house. I have posted a few pictures that I have taken at my cousins’ house of me and my family below.

Screenshot_2015-09-06-22-53-26   Screenshot_2015-09-06-22-53-42      Screenshot_2015-09-06-23-25-09Screenshot_2015-09-06-21-13-29

Scavenger Hunt!

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I am more likely to use the Scholarship Resource Center because I need free money to pay for my future college expenses.

My write-up as a learning tool

Going around campus in groups would help get work done quicker and easier for everyone. Wearing comfortable walking shoes, wearing comfortable clothes, carrying around a light-weight backpack, and getting ready for all sorts of temperatures (while going in and out of buildings) would be a few tips to keep in mind while going on a scavenger hunt. A few other things you might want to take with you is the campus map and the “Potential Stops on the Tour” sheet which would come in handy while exploring. There is a high chance of getting worn out and being hungry during the tour. So I would say to bring a small snack to munch on and some water.

While passing by different offices, I found the Careers Services Center and the Scholarship Resource Center to be more useful for me since I am going to apply for scholarships and discover what my career might be. I would also consider finding jobs on campus to start off during my college years.

First Year Expectations!

I am expecting to take advantage of all the useful resources that college provides me in order to strive as a successful student. I would mainly want to know more about the part-time jobs, scholarships, the different programs and many other opportunities that are helpful. Expanding my social life and finding myself in the process are a few aspects I really want to conquer as I grow individually. I expect myself to be more of a responsible, confident and organized person throughout these few years.

Learning how to find my way around Georgia State University would be one thing that I want to accomplish. Attending revision classes and joining combined study groups  would also be very beneficial for me in my studies. I would like to work more on my personality, self-confidence, interactive side and my work ethic.Starting new clubs, getting my work done on time and maintaining friendships are a few fears that I have which I want to overcome.

Being aware of everything I need to know to get myself prepared for the real world like explaining things people struggle with so that we can take measures to work around that situation would really help. I hope that I learn material which is useful for me to apply to my future. I expect myself to go through a complete change which would help me in the long run!!




Hey everyone! My name is Nisha Thomas. I am a freshman and my major is undeclared. I am looking forward in making a lot of friends. My priority is to work hard in life. I was born and raised in America, specifically Decatur, GA . I am more of an accepting person unless it goes to the extreme like jumping off of a cliff. Singing is one of my talents. Getting used to a new environment and having to adjust to a new atmosphere has been something I had to cope with a lot in life. And if that can be considered as a talent then there you go!!