Reading Summary #5

“Color Walking” –  Phia Bennin & Brendan McMullan 

           This article explains how we perceive colors in this world. William Burrough, an american novelist and short story writer, reveals how interesting colors can be especially identifying them from one another. He came up with a simple idea called the color walk which would help us observe how our eye captures different colors where ever we go. Mainly seeing what kinds of colors catch the naked eye while going through one’s everyday life.

Bennin and McMullan decided to give Burrough’s experiment a try. They started from where Burrough worked which is at WNYC in Manhattan. They noticed how they went from one color to the next while trying to stick with one color. They went from blue, pink and violet.Who knows! They might have seen different shades of the color they started out with or surprisingly they found the same shade of color somewhere else.

After their journey of seeing so many colors, these colors were laid out fresh in their minds. Some advice they gave were to give yourself an hour or two dedicated for this. Pick a color of your choice and try following it throughout the entire walk. If not, no worries! Just pick a different color and continue. If you seem to pick different colors a lot, you are on the right track.

As you can see, different colors drives people to do or go to certain places. For example, blue sometimes tells us to go to a beach or lake. Green tells us to go to a park. Even a combination of colors can depict a certain concept. For example, red and green represent Christmas. Every school has their own mascot colors. Colors can also be associated with gender. Newborn babies are usually worn in pink or blue blankets depending on the gender of the baby.

Colors can also derive how we feel. For example, the color blue, in certain cases, denotes sadness. Psychologically, the color green gives out a positive impact and a good feeling. The color red reveals a negative feeling. Some say that it is Satan’s color and that it denotes evil.


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