My annotation of the Schindler article Section . A

”one might think it a simple aesthetic design decision to create a park bench that is divided into three individual seats with armrests separating those seats. Yet the bench may have been created this way to prevent people—often homeless people—from lying down and taking naps.”

Section A really hints at the point that we have subliminal architectural objects placed in society that have a deeper purpose to up hold. For example a low bridge could be used to keep low income transporter buses from reaching the wealthy side of town. The second paragraph hits a point that law makers don’t regulate enough rules to keep this type of discrimination out of an environment. They consider it a “norm” as used in the text. 

glossary definitions

Rhetoric- art of persuasion

critical theory- theory we operate under the assumption that a person is fully human no matter what their gender ,race , age , ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.

Affordance-something a design enables you to do

constraint-something a design restricts you from doing

Genre – a type of something

convention – characteristics that define a genre

Blog – genre / type of writing

paraphrase- communicating your understanding of the original text.

claim- A statement put forth as true that needs evidence to be convincing.

Thesis- main claim of an argument.