product placement.


This section is the most personal to me. After working in the grocery department for over two years at Publix I can tell you a thing or two about product placement myself. This ties in with the blue print of a store and the different departments in a store. In todays times grocery stores have expanded so much that they are (for the most part) separated into departments. Most grocery chains are composed of a seafood/meat , dry grocery , dairy ,produce,  and bakery department. All of these departments work together to benefit  to help each other. From my personal experience in Publix the most profitable department was put in the back of the store next to the water and bread (the second leading sellers). This is a plan to get you (the consumer) to have a longer walk in order to get to these products. You have to walk past dry grocery, the bakery department and, the deli department to get to these items. This is subtle but it also draws attention to your eyes as you walk by and are tempted to grab something as well.

I went to various store and seen similar designs. The most noticeable similarity I saw was that the cheapest and unhealthiest things were easier to reach instead of the healthy and organic items. I found this as a method to get people to fill up their carts with more things and continue shopping.

There are also a such thing as power panels used in stores located at the end of each aisle to be a quick grab for customers and they don’t even think about it as they grab it. The dairy department is also located in the back and that is the most shopped area. Guess what it is also located farthest away in the back of the store! as I read the online article by E. O. (2012). The Secrets Behind Your Grocery Store’s Layout. “To turn waiting time into buying time. This is the most profitable area of the store, Underhill says”. The check out line also try’s to get you to spend even when your foot is almost out the door by trying to get you to buy candy and magazines all lined up right at the register.

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