To wrap things up in my argument, grocery store can benefit us all. They are very convenient as you can just walk right in get what ever you would like and walk back out. Even though they are selling items that we need to live they are also a business . With that said grocery store want nothing more but to get the most money from you out of your shopping trip. They make the stores convenient enough to make ten trips in one week. they also make it comfortable enough for the shopper to make one trip a week and feel welcomed back every time. Product placement is carefully noted in the science of constructing a good grocery store. You have to be careful and avoid these methods to get you to walk around a store and picking up pointless goods that you did not intend to pick up. Carefully examine the so called “bargains” you are getting from certain store and price check with the other competitors. If you follow these steps you will keep tons of money in your pocket from these grocery store trying to eat your money up.