Emergency call box in courtyard on 9/22/2016.

img_1064As i was walking through the courtyard by the library this object just grabbed at my attention. This blue box on the pole has a very important role at my school. You Can clearly read on the right hand site of the box where it says “EMERGENCY”. Also at the bottom of the box you can see the letters “LICE”. Explained to me at orientation that this was a police emergency call box I would infer that the bottom part said police. This box is defaced for a reason unknown to me. Next to the emergency tittle on the call box is a label that reads “HIP HOP LIVES HERE” Its is a black and white sticker. The sticker that covers the plice writing on the box is a thrasher sticker in black and white. A pink sticker that stands out the most Looks to say “Trap happy 2016”. other stickers are half ripped off and hard to read. It is a little ironic that a box that is used for a serious cause could be defaced and taken as a joke .

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