Built Environment Description

Built Environment Description 1

The site I am describing for my exterior built environment description is the State Capitol Complex of Georgia in Downtown Atlanta.  This site is most widely known for the golden dome of the Capitol building that sits among the city skyline, however, there is much more to the area.  The State Capitol building was built in 1889 and has been named a national landmark.  The complex takes up an area of about 5 acres and is embellished with beautiful magnolias and geraniums among many other flowers and well-trimmed hedges.  As you walk around the building the calming smell of the landscape leads you to several statues of legendary figures in the history of the state of Georgia.  It is somewhat ironic that the statues of these men have become very polarizing recently as they rest outside of the site where most of the debates in the state take place.

Surrounding the main building are several similar looking buildings that all have very different functions in the state government. As shown in my 3rd artifact, the State Supreme Court building has the same appearance as the Health building shown in my 4th artifact, both hugged together along with the rest of the five buildings on a set of 4 closely knit streets that lead to one another.  Quiet political workplaces are separated only by busy Atlanta streets and sidewalks filled with pedestrians of all walks of life.  Visually, the site of the sun setting through the halfway-bare trees that seem to be the only wildlife affected by the winter as squirrels dash across the lawn and birds gleefully land on the historically built light poles outside of the Supreme Court building.  All the buildings are uniformly colored in a marble gray color signaling the serious political tone of the site.  Also security booths indicate that everyone is not allowed inside, only authorized individuals.

Overall being in such an atmosphere made me feel as if I was apart of something much bigger than myself.  The area is an intersection of everything Georgia.  Most people only think of Atlanta but the Capitol stands for all of this state where many call home.  By simply looking you can see and feel the age of the artifacts and buildings themselves but the reliability and consistency of the Government felt is very comforting and quite welcoming whether you are an authorized elected official, local pedestrian, or foreign tourist new to Georgia.

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