Majestic Diner Inside View

Version 3From this angle it is easier to see the narrow walkway through the restaurant.  It is not very wide and goes straight back unlike many other restaurants of this era.  Due to this particular built environment, not a lot of walking is promoted, but more sitting and talking.  For the most part, people only got up to leave and nothing else.

Majestic Diner Seats

Version 3A close up of the rounded stools with red cushions as mentioned in the built environment description.  There are red accents throughout the restaurant that gives off a very retro feel.  The silver compliments the red coloring for a visually appealing theme.  The stools are fairly close to one another which doesn’t make for a very private experience at all.

Majestic Diner Front Door

Version 3 The front door of the Majestic Diner displays the 24 hour operating time and is just as iconic as the large sign atop the building.  The clear glass windows enable you to be able to see all the way to the back of the restaurant from the outside.  This kind of dynamic is unique among restaurants in Atlanta nowadays.

Majestic Diner “FOOD TO TAKE HOME” sign

Majestic Diner "Food to Take Home" signThe historic “FOOD TO TAKE HOME” sign perched high on Ponce De Leon Avenue is visible from very far distances and is a welcoming sight to hungry Atlantans.  The multi-colored signs has no dead bulbs and shines bright 24/7 as the restaurant is never closed except on holidays.  It lights up the otherwise gloomy February night sky in this sector of the city.

The Majestic Diner: Interior Built Environment Description

Mark Lamar

March 4, 2016

Interior Built Environment Description

The Majestic Diner in Atlanta, Georgia is where I conducted my research for my interior built environment description.  Located on Ponce De Leon Avenue near a cluster of other historic sites, the restaurant stands out as a unique spot from first glance.  From the outside, one can already begin to smell the freshly scrambled eggs as soon as you begin to approach the elaborate neon sign that brands the landmark.

When you finally reach the translucent glass entrance of the restaurant, you are free to seat yourself anywhere in the diner and begin to search the menu.  Round, bright light bulbs draw your attention to the most popular menu choices displayed high on the wall above the kitchen.  The inside of the building is decorated with several presumably historic pieces of art, commemorating the state of Georgia, and the city of Atlanta itself.  Red accents on the seats, booths and counters of the diner create a consistent, simple aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and makes the font of the menu easy to read.  The inside may feel a bit crowded or clustered to some as the way the dining area is constructed is reminiscent of that of a shotgun house.

The way the grills and deep fryers are positioned directly in front of the patrons gives off a very down-home southern vibe.  It feels as if you are resting at your grandma’s while she cooks a hot meal for you to eat before you get back on the road.  And honestly, I feel that is why the Majestic Diner is so historic: the family element.  The uniform joyful southern drawl of the employees reciting orders and the freedom to plop down on a stool next to a complete stranger make the narrowly built restaurant more than just a place to eat.  It’s a place to gather.  Inside the Majestic Diner no matter who you are, you feel unified.  No matter who you choose to sit next to, both of you have at least one thing in common; you are both in for a delicious, hot plate of food.


Majestic Diner Menu/Kitchen: Artifact 3

Version 4The menu items most frequently ordered are displayed in bright lights above the kitchen where the orders are prepared.  The Majestic Diner is most well known for the omelettes served fresh daily at any time.  The employees freely maneuver from in front of and behind the counter constantly to fulfill the needs of each guest.