Detailed Revision of Blog Explanation

After participating in the reflective survey I went back into my blog and made several changes to make it more uniform and easier to navigate.  I titled every post more appropriately by naming them according to what they are about. For instance, instead of “Reading Summary One” I revised to “Tapestry Of Space:Reading Summary”.  After I changed the titles of all the posts I added more descriptive tags to each post so they can be found easier.  I added the author of the original works’ names in the tags so people can find the original work and my work in response to it.  Once again I also added tags that pertain to the topic. (Ex:”Sarah Schindler, Architectural Exclusion, Reading Summary, Racism, Discrimination, Classism”.)  And finally, I added categories to better organize and unify built environment descriptions or any topic that is covered in more than one post.  Categories like “Majestic Diner”, “Cool Atlanta Blog”, and “State Capitol” contain several posts that pertain to that specific place in Atlanta.  That way it is easier and quicker for someone looking for information about a specific place in Atlanta to find the correct portion of the blog.