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*Image of Built Environment (Exterior) – Dupree Park (Playground Area)

Playground area
Playground area

The playground has lots of slides, monkey bars, wooden chips inside, and other equipment of tan and green color into different shapes to make it look more appealing to the children so they use it and have fun; while it is also safe with the type of material it contains and bolts embedded the equipment and a white fence surrounding the playground so there is more security.

*Image Built Environment (Exterior) – Dupree Park (the new outdoor exercise equipment)

One side of the new outdoor gym equipment
The new outdoor gym equipment

The other side of the new outdoor gym

This new outdoor gym equipment is a new accessory for Dupree Park. Instead of the same old routine of exercising where all the peoples sweat drizzles down and it packs all the heat and yucky odor, this new equipment gives the people in the neighborhood and in the town general another option where they can have that interaction with nature, have more privacy in the sense where the person is not packed with other people, more space, and more time to reflect on their lives.

*Built Environment Description (Exterior) – Dupree Park in Woodstock GA

The other side of Dupree Park!
Dupree Park!!


Dupree Park!! :)
Dupree Park (sign)
Dupree Park!!
Dupree Park!!
Dupree Park! :)
Dupree Park! ūüôā

What can I say about Dupree Park? There is not history ingrained in this public, relaxed neighborhood park. It has been created from what I have observed though my eyes and a website for the convenience of the people of the neighborhood and the people outside of this location. Dupree Park has been adding and subtracting accessories in the park to give the people what they want. With an already existing walk trail, playground, bike trail, basketball area, and tennis area, there are newer additions where there used to be a softball field now just being a large amount of space left where on the side they  a disc course golf thing is being created, also, in a small parch of the large space is a newly constructed outdoor gym equipment. Who knows what other addition they will insert in the park.  Besides it being a convenient park for the people,it can also be a form of entertainment for families making it a family park, and for individuals where they can have a BBQs, parties, family reunions, exercise in a new way, have a social event, and even have a date.

I had the pleasure to observe, note take, and analyze Dupree Park’s exterior landscape. It was a chilly afternoon around 6 pm, I thought there would be more people, but no. As I started to walk around the park, all I could hear was pure silence. All that made a noise was one car that was leaving, and a few white, black, and mixed ducks in the rippling lake. This abandonment I saw of the park was either because the people have busy schedules, maybe they did not like to go to the park or maybe even because of the chilly weather; I did not want to keep staying there myself because I was freezing. Besides this, immediately as I was walking around in the cold I could see how this large space where there used to be a softball field, where a new outdoor equipment had been inserted, where only 90% of the large space is a bit of healthy green grass but mostly dead brown grass, where there is a murky dark green rippling lake filled with a couple of ducks,¬† an area where the playground filled with slides and swings and monkey bars with a white fence surrounding it making me remember those sweet childhood memories, two public bathrooms, two very basic pavilions, a large parking lot, cement, wooden fences, pine cones, and large tall trees gave me a feeling this is a very basic, simple, multi-functional, convenient, free, tranquil, relaxing park as I have said before. On a few different points, I could not smell anything in the air, it was like nothingness; The only thing I could feel was the chill, dry air of the atmosphere and the only thing I could taste was my spearmint gum in that moment. That was my journey in Dupree Park.



(Notes of the Built Environment) (Exterior)       …rior-dupree-park/

(More notes of the Built Environment) (Exterior)…rior-dupree-park/

(The Large Space) (Exterior)                               …park-large-space/

(The Sign with more options) (Exterior)      …ith-more-options/

(Playground area of Dupree Park) (Exterior)…-playground-area/

(The new outdoor gym equipment) (Exterior)…ercise-equipment/

(Images Dupree Park) (Exterior)               …t-in-dupree-park/

(Image of Dupree Park area) (Exterior)  …dupree-park-area/

Notes of Built Environment (Exterior) – Dupree Park

My observations, thoughts, feelings, and everything about Dupree Park’s Exterior Space

  • Disoccupied probable by cold weather
  • Black, white, and mix of ducks in small lake
  • Lake is a dark murky green
  • Park surrounded by lots of tall trees
  • Rippling lake
  • Green and tan funny looking playground with slides, monkey bars, more, and¬†with a white fence surrounding it and woodchips inside the playground
  • Two pavilions
  • Two public restrooms
  • Barriers of wood-like fences with space¬†in between
  • Neighborhood behind park
  • Pinecones on ground
  • Person or two walking their dog
  • Garbage can
  • Fitness trail, tennis courts, and mountain bike trail (a sign says)
  • Mini outdoor gym thing where there is a lot of open space and dead grass where anyone can roam free or run around or play whatever they want to play
  • Parking lot for both areas of the park
  • Lights
  • Street/road right in front of the park
  • Me freezing cold
  • Standing in my lazy pants
  • I cannot smell anything
  • Inhaling I can feel the cold breezy air going into my nostrils
  • My hands are numb because of how cold it is
  • I can hear the small population of ducks quacking
  • I can hear a few like 4 kids messing around
  • I can feel the stillness, and hear the general silence of the park
  • I even saw one police car
  • I cannot taste anything but my peppermint gum I am chewing
  • Dupree park in spring and summer people go to chill, eat, have birthday parties, gaze, reflect, run, maybe sleep, maybe even have a date, and more.

More notes of Built Environment (Exterior) – Dupree Park

More notes on Dupree Park’s Exterior

  • Looks like a simple park
  • Very quiet
  • Looks like a neighborhood park
  • Even though it seems private, the large space depicts it to be public
  • Its calm
  • Family oriented
  • All ages use this
  • Multi functional
  • Space is very suburban
  • Very nature-like
  • Less crowded than usual parks in general
  • Less noise than other parks
  • Less of the human population setting foot on this park than others
  • Lake with ducks gives a feeling of peace and tranquility
  • The large space where anyone can roam around, gives me a feeling of freedom like I could just run around and shout if I wanted to
  • The playground makes me feel like a child and brings back memories
  • The cold weather makes me not want to stand here any longer, which could be a huge factor of why there are very few people.

Class notes of 2/8/2016 …….

Primary Research:  Interview, Surveys, Experiments, Transcripts, Archives,

Document what see

Site source of Pic we found if did not take ourselves

Each blog post: 5 digital images (min.) w/ 50-100 words of what they are, take written notes



Style – how it was designed?

Tone- What is the intent behind the design?

Mood- how do I feel about the design?

Diction- context, contrast, symbolism…….etc.


Zotero: use firefox to download and use zotero, extra points, very helpful with our citations, no use Easybib because it can be points off while Zotero while do it for us basically.

*Image of Built Environment (Exterior) – Dupree Park (Large Space)

Large Free Space in Dupree Park

Dupree Park has a large space where anyone could run around freely to exercise or relax. This part used to be a softball field, but they took that out and left it as it is in this picture; An area containing a patch of healthy green grass but mostly flat dead grass with many tall trees surrounding the space, including a wooden fence being a type of barrier I assume to have some type of security in the park.


Annotative Bibliography #3 – A Qualitative Study On The Role Of The Built Environment For Short Walking Trips

Walking and Transportation

Ferrer, Sheila, Tom√°s Ruiz, and Lid√≥n Mars. “A Qualitative Study On The Role Of The Built Environment For Short Walking Trips.”Transportation Research Part F: Psychology And Behaviour 33.(2015): 141-160. ScienceDirect. Web. 3 Feb. 2016.

This article talks about the walking barriers using a specific age group, using focus groups with a specific age group. This research took place in Valencia, Spain where they used many methods including thematic analysis where they had a questionnaire and interviews of the people chosen for this experiment, data analysis, and more. The majority of the participants would walk for some time, but many prefer other forms of transportation such as cars or other types of mobility. Some of the main reasons why walking is such a barrier to some is because of the amount of time they need to get to places, bad weather, to be safe from crime, there are horribly structured walking facilities where walking isn’t possible or it is uncomfortable or dangerous, you feel insecure, and more. I chose this because I thought it would be relevant to what we are looking at in class. There are flaws in it its limitations and biases. The built environment from the 3 articles is that it affects others. This relates to Atlanta in how there are many barriers that do not allow us to go in some directions or even let us walk comfortably.