Class Notes April 11, 2016

What makes a good introduction?

A. Has a “hook” begins to answer “So what” or “Why should I care?”

  1. Begin with an anecdote or really striking example
  2.  Introduce the subject with a quote from one of your sources, or a couple of quotes that represent different points of view about your topic
  3. Begin with a hypothetical
  4. Introduce a statistic that demonstrates the magnitude or scale of the problem/issue that your thesis addresses

B. Lets the audience know your thesis

C. Provides an overview or roadmap of your argument

Built Environment Analysis Outline

Potential Titles:

Treating the Tourist right; Atlantas poor transportation; When the good goes bad in Atlanta

Thesis: Atlanta’s beauty and view points bring in tourists from across the globe, but unlike other popular cities, the transportation in Atlanta treats its tourists poorly.

I: Talk about the Georgia Aquarium, use this source

II:Talk about the World of Coke, use this source,

III:Talk about Centennial Olympic Park, use this source

IIII: Talk about why transportation isn’t expanding in Atlanta, use this source


mid-term reflection

Coming into this class this semester has been a relatively new experience. In the past my english classes felt more traditional and had basically the same rhythm and flow. In this class we are focusing more on doing research about different environments and how the world around us reacts to these environments. I will say that something similar about this class is that we are still putting our thoughts and opinions in writing and submitting that for a grade. This class just forces us to be more creative in our thinking.

Turning in our first annotated bibliographies, reading summaries, and built environment assignments were pretty time consuming and a lot of hard work, but it did teach me a lot about the way I conduct my research. In the past I would just look at what was obvious and write about that, but now I have learned to open my eyes and dig into what might not be so obvious at first glance. These class assignments have taught me that there is always two different sides to every story and as apart of my research it is my job to uncover both sides. I believe that for my upcoming research assignments I can do a better job of taking notes while I am reading and observing so that my final research product is more credible.

At first I thought that Professor Wharton would be the only audience member I had for my assignments, but now I have realized that I have a lot of people that I am reaching with my research assignments. I have my classmates, other GSU students, and future GSU students. I take pride in having the pressure on me to do well on my research assignments because I am contributing to changing other people’s view points. A big part in changing someone’s view point is being credible so that forces me to put in the extra amount of work to make sure that my research is well written and contains factual information. My main goal in doing all of this is to open another person’s eyes to the REAL world that we live in and not just the world that is obvious to all of us.