Chapter 10

This chapter talks a lot about being involved in different organizations. For me I have not been too involved in the organizations and activities that have been provided on campus. For some reason I keep on telling myself that I’ll get up and sign up for something, but what I have noticed on campus so far is that the school spirit is not very good for Georgia State to be this big. Although this is the case I believe that I can make the most out of this by becoming more involved in my second semester. This will give me the chance to experience some new things as well as meet different types of people.

Chapter 12

It is important to be able to manage your money right, especially if you are in college. College has been pretty expensive for me and my family. I actually applied for the un-subsidized loan and the subsidized loan, but I have not touched that money. I just want to have it in case of an emergency. My family and I all came to the conclusion that the common goal is for me to come out of college debt free and I really thank my parents for the amount of hard work and sacrifice that they have put into me having a fantastic education. I also have to play a role in my parents continuing to pay for my education by maintaining the HOPE scholarship. So far everything is going as planned and we are making it work.