Extra Credit Revision

I was glad that I did this survey because I did realize some things that I needed to do better. I started off by adding more tags to my posts because I understand that this can be helpful for other people being able to find your posts when they search for a particular word. I also saw a need to put a link to where I got my artifacts from in the posts. Another thing that I did was I changed up my titles and made them more specific. Instead of reading summary 6, I put Reading Summary: Content Moderation. One last thing that I changed was I added some of my posts to multiple categories. At first I would just put it in one specific category, but the survey made me realize that it would make it easier for me and for the audience to find my specific posts if it’s in multiple categories. Overall that survey really did help with the appearance of my site and I am very proud of what it looks like now. I would have never even considered these things if it weren’t brought to my attention.