Built Environment Analysis Outline

Potential Titles:

Treating the Tourist right; Atlantas poor transportation; When the good goes bad in Atlanta

Thesis: Atlanta’s beauty and view points bring in tourists from across the globe, but unlike other popular cities, the transportation in Atlanta treats its tourists poorly.

I: Talk about the Georgia Aquarium, use this source http://sites.gsu.edu/lbohanan1/2016/03/04/interior-built-environment-description-georgia-aquarium/

II:Talk about the World of Coke, use this source, http://sites.gsu.edu/bthompson52/2016/03/28/built-environment-description-world-of-coca-cola/

III:Talk about Centennial Olympic Park, use this source http://sites.gsu.edu/abrown186/2016/03/25/annotated-bib-789/

IIII: Talk about why transportation isn’t expanding in Atlanta, use this source http://sites.gsu.edu/acrooks4/2016/03/26/annotated-bibliography-6-where-it-all-went-wrong/


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