Road Trip To Lenox

The place that I chose to do my research on was the Lenox Marta Station which is located on Paces Ferry Rd in Atlanta Georgia. The Lenox Marta Station was constructed in 1912, but opened for the public in 1984. In order for me to arrive at the Lenox Marta Station I had to hop on a Marta train and travel on the gold line until I reached the Lenox Station. The first thing that I noticed was the majority of the people on the train got off at the Lenox Station. I made the assumption that it was because a mall by the name of ‘Lenox’ was a popular attraction for many people of every race. Upon getting off the train I noticed that this particular station had an old fashioned type of feel to it. The station had dull colors and not many paintings so the vibe that I received was one where I wanted to leave as soon as possible. image

That seemed to be how many other people felt as well because with the amount of young and old people there it felt very crowed, but it seemed like everyone was rushing to get out of there. I hopped onto the escalator and instead of people standing there waiting to get to the top, some people were running up it and bumping into everyone in their way.


Finally, when I reached the top of the escalator, I saw what looked to be the gates of Heaven letting me out of this dark, echoing, colossal underground hole. What I saw was  the security gates that let people in and out of the Lenox Station. While I was there, I observed how some people bypass the security gate, and some of the techniques that were used were walking quickly behind someone while the gate was open, crawling underneath the gate, and having a friend swipe his card twice. I did some research on the penalty for if you were caught doing this and I read where one man had to pay a hefty fine and do community service.


Upon exiting the Lenox Marta Station, I noticed that this particular Marta Station was located in a beautiful area. If you look across the street, you will see many fancy restaurants to eat at such as Houston’s and if you look across the street from that you will see this grand Marriott Hotel. It was pretty obvious that this area pumped in a lot of money and, therefore, the atmosphere surrounding the Lenox Marta Station appeared to be thriving.


Overall, I enjoyed my experience at the Lenox Marta Station. If I were the person that was designing this exterior I would add more vibrant colors and paintings. I would also have soft elevator music playing in the background to make the tone of this place more welcoming. Yes, Marta has a reputation for being dirty and unsafe, but I believe that people of all races and all ages would appreciate this station.

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