mlamar2 [Mark Lamar]. “Annotated Bibliography Entry 5: Impacts of Our Built Environment on Public Health.” mlamar2’s Blog. 20 Feb. 2016. Web. 23 March 2016.

The Summary and Evidence

The blog post by Mark Lamar is an annotated bibliography that describes the impact of the built environment on public health. Lamar describes an article by Allen Dearry that addresses environmental problems and health problems caused by the built environment. Lamar talks about how urban communities can contribute to obesity because of the use of cars. He also talks about how enjoying the luxuries that come with modern cities lead to less exercise. Since Atlanta is a modern city, this can relate directly to it.

The over abundance of cars can lead to obesity. Found at:

Why This Source?

I chose this source because it provides more info on my chosen topic of health and the built environment. It provides me with another source to utilize when researching my topic.


A flaw this source has is the fact that it is not a scholarly source. Since it is a blog post, there is no one to moderate or verify the info in the blog post.

How is it related?

The source provides me with another source, and it gives more information on my research topic.