Black white, and red. These three colors make up the majority of the Atlanta Falcon’s website because they are the team colors. Even though there is not much variety in color, the content of the website can make up for this. The colors are probably used to incite pride in the team, or bring about memories of the team. The website link is Being a website, it is a bit difficult to find out when the website was created, but it can be assumed that it was created when all teams in National Football League got websites.

The website of the Atlanta Falcon’s is the place to go for any fans of football. The first thing that draws users eyes is the scrolling news feed on the home page. This can provide fans news at a glance. If fans are looking for even more news, or more specific stories, then they can click on the news tab at the top of the page. Both the homepage and the news page provide links to videos an other news stories to sate the appetite of the fans.

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The website is easily navigable for anyone that may be using it. The tabs are always on top of the page, and they are clearly labeled. For example, if a fan were looking for the roster of the current team, then they would click the team tab. As I was navigating the site, I felt like nothing was complicated about the website. I could purchase tickets, then check out news concerning the team, and then check out the schedule for the next games. Basically, anything an Atlanta Falcon fan could want, the website had it. As a sports fan, I can appreciate the services that the website provides. It makes it easy for fans to find out anything they may be looking for concerning the Atlanta Falcons.

Any Atlanta Falcon’s fan would enjoy this website. They would be able to find ways to interact with their team that might have been harder if it not were for this website. It provides an environment where a sports fan could thoroughly enjoy themselves, and it does this exceptionally.

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