Class Notes

Class Notes 3/7/16

Nersessova’s Tapestry of Space Who is the audience? People interested in homelessness Photographers/tourists Homeowners Policy makers What is the purpose? As an eye opener To critique capitalism or other facets of our economics system To think differently about our position… Continue Reading →

Class Notes: 2/22/16

Annotated Bibliography Workshop The Basics Should have a summary Include a description: author, what it is about, purpose Have a citation of the source “Google is your friend, EasyBib is not” when it concerns citing MLA Format Relate it to… Continue Reading →

Midterm Reflection

Differences and Similarities I remember in high school, writing was very traditional. We would put pen on paper, and write about the book we had just read in class. In this class, I have not picked up a pencil at… Continue Reading →

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