Image from Huffington Post article by F. Kaid Benfield.

The Summary and Evidence

This picture exhibits an example of a neighborhood that promotes walking and cycling. Sidewalks can be seen, and this encourages residents to walk or cycle to their destinations if it is within a reasonable distance. It also shows a father and daughter who are on bicycles, and are putting the sidewalks available to good use. The image provides an example of how the built environment can be used to improve health, and it can be used as a model to use in Atlanta neighborhoods that do not contain features such as sidewalks.

Why this Source?

I chose this source because it shows a way that the built environment can be used to impact health in a positive way.


A flaw this picture contains is that it depicts a more suburban community. In an urban city such as Atlanta, it may not be easy to incorporate features such as sidewalks.

How is it Related?

This picture builds onto another annotated bibliography I did on the walkability of neighborhoods.