The colors of The Fox Theater

The Fox theater is a Unique place in Atlanta by the fact its a different looking building compared to the buildings around it. The outside walls of the theater are varying shades of a sandy beige. Being that the building was built to look like the Taj Mahal from India. The dome is colored with a dark grey outlines with a bright cyan/blue to symbolize the sky on the roof of the building. It gives a desert feel almost like bringing the Ta Mahal into Egypt.  Entering the main entrance of the theater is like a scene from Hollywood with the red carpets lining the floor and the colors are well blended to give a natural sandstone feel to the building. looking down the hall of the main entrance you come to ornate sapphire blue doors with gold and red inlays. It gives a nice contrast and flare to the natural colors you see as you enter the building. Once you get into the main theater the first thing that is noticed is the ceiling of the theater. the ceiling is a brilliant sky blue during the day, and has a built in timer of when the blue turns into a midnight blue dotted with stars. to simulate a day and night cycle in real time with the natural sky. Building itself resembles the theme of a desert paradise, using the various beige colored stones to form the walls, With the accents, for example the seats and curtains, are predominantly red it gives a nice contrast to the natural look.

The Egyptian Room contrasts from the rest of the building greatly when it comes to color schemes. In the Egyptian room the room is primarily dark purple walls to resemble nighttime and throughout the room their are golden inlays to decorate the columns and is also use to inlay hieroglyphics into the walls to boost immersion. They also use A stone grain paint to make stone like murals on the walls of pyramids and statues including the Sphinx in the back center of the room. There are various laser lights the line the top of the walls around the room. They project various shades of green, yellow, and purple lasers. that dance around the room. the back section the room reverts back to the old sandstone style brick pattern as it transitions to an outside mini courtyard where  various shades of greens dot the courtyard with the various plants in it.

The central color theme is suppose to be a desert oasis paradise with the building mimicking the Sandstone buildings used in ancient Egypt, The Inlays they use simulates a royal theme that pharaohs would have been accustomed to in their palaces the main theater tries to imitate an open area with an open roof using creative lighting effects to make it resemble a natural sky. with the stage area itself using ornate stone work with smooth beige tones with a flash of red in main accent areas. The Egyptian room is contrasting being a permanent night scenery with lasers shining around the room bouncing off the various golden inlays as well with the stone murals to complement the Egyptian scenery