A Potential Step in the Right Direction

This Great White Shark sculpture is made of waste materials that were taken out of our oceans. there are many everyday objects that are used like the eyes are camera lenses and the teeth are shards of broken up plastic.

In 2016, The Georgia aquarium teamed up with a company called Washed Ashore. This company takes trash that was cleaned out of our oceans and make it into works of art. Everyday items, like a toothbrush, or a clothes hanger, are commonly used and are visible throughout the sculpture. This Company will make sculptures of marine animals like penguins, sharks, jellyfish and more to represent what they are trying to save with this movement. This is a step in the right direction to bring these exhibits into the aquarium. To get all age groups involved, there will be a game of “I spy”

This Sculpture is what is seen in the courtyard in front of the aquarium. It’s entirely made of various pieces of debris standing on a pedestal composed entirely of plastic bottles and the bottle packaging, one of the leading harmful objects to penguins.

that you can do with the sculpture to see if you can find all of the objects on the list. There is normally someone watching each art piece assisting people and awarding kids with stickers and pins for finding everything listed for that sculpture. The aquarium has dotted  these sculptures around the building with the first one being outside before you can be admitted into the building. It also catches everyone’s eye because its a sculpture of one of the better known mascots of the aquarium, an African penguin. This Sculpture is one of the most iconic to the aquarium because it tells the biggest story of how pollution is ruining the environment and how it is effecting the animals in that ecosystem. These pieces of art contribute to the overall design of the building by adding a creative element to the theme. It contrasts to the generally clean and pristine look of the building by using what would normally be trash in a landfill into art. When they dotted the sculptures around they were sure to place them in high population areas, like kiosks and in the entrances of the various exhibits. The main section for the washed ashore exhibit coexists with a cartoon show they put on routinely. As people wait they get to see all that the movement does, as well as some of the effects it has caused on the ecosystems. Above the guests they suspended a skeleton of a whale that died from eating the debris in the water. Surrounding the skeleton they used plastics and trash that was cleaned from that area of the oceans where they fund the whale as a tribute the ecosystem. It uses these things to get people to want t make a difference, and at their kiosk in the center of the building actually will show and give opportunities to help the cause. They give little mini-lessons to children that are out in the open so people are always watching and the location was cleverly put in by the main stairway, getting a lot of circulation going to that area so they will be able to see some of the things the children learn through “Washed Ashore.”

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