A Haunted Night Inside The Fox Theater

                     The fox theater is, in my opinion, holds one of the top spots of places you must visit in Atlanta. The fox theater has a rich history that gave way to the exotic architecture of the building since it was originally built to be a Hindu temple. I have visited the Fox Theater once before for senior prom, giving me access to see the Egyptian room. Which was highly decorated with Egyptian memorabilia and set pieces to immerse the guests into feeling like you are in ancient Egypt.  On my most recent visit i got to view the main theater room and it blew me away as I tried to wrap my head around the sheer size of the room. The ceiling was made with a “Open sky” section of the ceiling that changes time cycles in real time, also using actual constellations to add realism in a way that crafts the illusion of being in an amphitheater with the sky open above us. The seating area is gigantic and resembles a colossal wave of seats readying to crash down to the stage.

                    When I went there the most recent time, they were doing a special event in spirit of being October, They are doing their Ghost tours. We were able to roam the entire facilities hearing of the may accounted ghost stories that have occurred over the years at the Fox. The most popular one we heard was the story of the backstage elevator. A girlfriend of one of the Fox’s Managers died and ever since her death the elevator would get a mind of its own seemingly and it would travel between the 1st and the 4th floor. Whether or not it was staged for this to happen when we did the tour, we entered the elevator to go up to the 2nd floor to continue our tour except we kept going past the 2nd floor and we arrived on the 4th floor. instead of trying to go back to the 2nd floor we decided to continue the tour from there and work our way down. It wasn’t until after we left the elevator that it made it to the 2nd floor. As the tour continued, many people were saying how they are seeing people that aren’t really there and hearing walking when no one else is walking. When we got to the stage we were standing on the stage when we started hearing footsteps from out in the audience. We looked around but we couldn’t see anyone. It also felt really chilly out of nowhere so we exited the stage area to go conclude our tour.

                The history that was given on the tour also bought how dedicated people were to the building. The history behind the Elevator haunting is because the in the archives of the Fox theater records a manager lived on the 4th floor of the theater with his girlfriend, who died in the Fox, at the time. Another haunting has to do with an organist who was interred in the theater. a long time organist was cremated when he died and his ashes were spread in the ceiling above and around the organ chambers, it is rumored that you can still hear him playing at times. I originally came to the Fox Theater to see a show or a concert but i wound up getting to see some of the greatest ghost stories and history of one of Atlanta’s greatest attractions instead.