Exterior Design and Advertising of the GA Aquarium

The Aquarium will use the building itself to advertise their main events, usually using extremely colorful and ornate posters that cover the entire glass face of the aquarium.

The Aquarium is no stranger when it comes to advertising their facility to all age groups. When we discuss the impact of these advertisements however, the answer we get will be mixed. Most of the time what is given as a reason would be that the advertisement intrigued them and made them curious to see what the aquarium has to offer. While effective, the motivation of why guests show up is sole based on the fact on the “it looks cool to see” kind of paradigm. The presence of conservationism is not typically present to an uneducated eye. The Aquarium will normally use the building itself to advertise their new biggest main event. They plaster a gigantic poster on the huge windowed face of the aquarium for everyone to see.

A few years ago the aquarium debuted “Dolphin tales”, a show that could belong in a theme park like SeaWorld with its stunt filled and appeal to younger audiences. The picture itself was of two dolphins seemingly jumping over the supposed host/main character of the entire show. When I went to the show, I was entertained but I felt like there should have been something about how the guests could help dolphins around the world. There was a fairly brief video before the performance about the backstory of the dolphins’ lives on how they are all rescued. At the very end of that video there was a number and webpage URL for guests to use if they would like to help the cause to conserve. I initially thought that they are starting to appeal to the act of the people getting involved to help conserve the marine ecosystems, until I actually visit the site and called the phone number. When I called the number it was answered by a recorded voice with 3 prompts, it pretty much was solely asking for donations to the Georgia aquarium to use to help conserve and protect the marine ecosystem, the site was only slightly more promising. The site was able to show some of the things the aquarium does however the only option for people was to donate instead of a way to actively get involved with the movement.

There are various billboards dotted around the highways coming in and out of the city. The Aquarium developed one for the new sea lion exhibit that can be seen driving on I-85. It is appealing t younger audiences using the sculpture of the sea lion peeking over the sign in a cartoon like fashion

The same thing happened in their most recent show based around sea lions. Instead of the building being plastered with advertisements, they branched out and throughout the outskirts of the city they had billboards with cartoonish renditions of marine animals on their posters telling how the Aquarium is the number one aquarium, and then they advertised the newest exhibit with a 3D billboard that was targeted for children exclaiming that “Sea Lions are Here!” with a 3D sculpture of a Sea lion peeking it’s head over the sign playfully. When the actual show was debuted, it was rather similar to the dolphin show except they emphasized on the fact that the sea lions were rescued animals, however once again the information given for guests to visit was only to support the cause through donations.



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