What’s In A Space

As I walked step by step, one foot in front of the other on this clumy, chilly day. I was unable to find the perfect spot on I could call my “space.” Every where on campus was so simlar just a bunch of students scrambling around trying to make it through that day. But then as I was walking back from Aderhold, I saw just a bunch of stuff going  on right next to Walters, the store basically on campus which is right next to Langdale Hall. So I chose that cross walk between Walters and Langdale Hall to be my space. As for me I am a people watcher and honestly so nosy about whats going on. Also, I am very into details when listening or just watching what is taking place around me. Luckly I attend Georgia State University, the college literally in the middle of downtown Atlanta. All I can say is I personally never have  a boring day at school, I always something intresting occur. 

As I slowly observe from across the street, the first thing I notice is the street cop in the bright orange vest the shines as the sun bounces of it. He is stopping the cars from turning right to allow the pedestrians and students to cross over the crosswalk. The car who gets stop, angerly waits as a huge crowed of  people crosses from one side to the other. As I am looking at this crowd of people I see many different races, genders, hair styles, outfit choices. One girl with long black hair stuck out to me because of her bright, neon, lime green sweat shirt she had on. Another guy caught my attention with his style, he was pale skined with a blonde buzz cut and had all black on. Although he had stitchings of differnt things all over his paints of skulls, guns, smiliy faces on it, it was basicallya bunch of random pathes all over. There was a lady dressed in a nice beige two-piece suit with a breief case. I wondered if she was a  professor or just walking back from her job to get to her car where she parked. There was also, a guy in Georgia State football sweats running as if he was late something and youy could see his book bag go up and down as it was hitting his back. My eyes were seeing many different things but nose was also smelling a bunch of things. Everytime the wind blew I smelled something new the georgia state food truck was next to me. Their food smelled Delicious but as a new head of wind hit my face it smelled like trash or almost like sewage. As a car skirted around the corner quickly, I could smell the burned rubber from the tires of the black, Honda Accord. My ears heard things non-stop, there was never a quiet momment. You constantly hear drivers honking at people riding on birds as they almost get hit by the car. You hear a million differant converstations between all types about the most random things. I heard a guy telling this other guy how he likes to eat diced up garlic, when i heard him say that I could not help but laugh because I know how strong garlic is in food let alone plain. Also, you hear the crackheads talking to themselves or to walls as if someone is talking to them. I always watch and hear as homeless people beg  for change from anyone who walks by. Overall, I chose this place because it is very intresting and kept me well intertained. You never thing about how many people are in the world and how each human as a differnt life than the person next to them. 

While I was observing I couldn’t help but keep looking over to the left at the older, homeless man begging for change like coins. It really  caught my attention because the further you look down the street the more homeless people you see digging through trash, sleeping, or trying to get money. Homelessness is huge society promblem in America, let alone in downtown Atlanta. I truly hate to see anyone struggle let alone elders because there bodys are already old and weak. While sitting on the corner of that crosswalk for thirty minuites, I realized how many homeless people walk up and down the streets filled of trash if littering themselves. I feel like homeless people just need  little it of help to get back on their feet so they can get a real job. The city could really knock out to birds with one stone by paying homeless people too pick up trash all over the steets. This would give them money so they would not bother the pedestrians for money and city would not always look so dirty. 


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