John Lewis Letter

Dear John Lewis,

     On September 15, 1963 it was just a regular Sunday in Birmingham Alabama. Families and children went to church just like any other Sunday. At the 16th Street Baptist Church, the main service was about to start so the Sunday school teacher went to get the girls out of the bathroom. Then … BOOM! The girls bathroom was destroyed by a bomb. The four girls who were nervous for their first game tomorrow will now not be playing anymore. The names of the deceased girls were Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson, Cynthia Wesley, and Denise McNair. Also, twenty-one other children were injured from this massacre. The day of this event you were called down to Birmingham. The killing did not stop there, it continued as you were on your way to Birmingham. White teenagers went around celebrating the deaths of the four innocent girls and harassing African American teenagers. They actually shot and killed 13 year old, Virgil Lamar Ware. Police arrived to the scene and ended up shooting the other teenage boy, 16 years old, Jonny Robinson. The policeman later claimed it was an accident. The leaders of the civil rights movement including yourself came together to configure a way for everyone to be heard without violence. That was when the magnificent plan of the March was created. 

     Furthermore, after reading this; I was disgusted that any human being could hurt innocent children with no remorse. My heart went out more to the families who lost their children at such a young age, no mother nor father should have to go through that pain. I had one lingering question that stuck with me which was, how in 1963 a cop “accidentally” shot an African American and this is continuously happening and in our current society? The government has put cameras on cops in their cars but that has not stopped the killings. I believe there is no accident in shooting someone multiple times. I think if a cop kills someone they should be treated like any other murder case and serve jail time and not have any time taken off their sentence just because they are a cop. In my opinion this would stop a plethora of “accidental” killings. 

Sincerely, Lexie Daniel

#Innocentlivestaken #Restinpeace #Cannottfeelsafeinthehouseofgod



A Kindergarter Learning to Read

I experienced my first interaction with literacy when I was in kindergarten. I was probably around six years young. This was when I was first introduced to books. I  will never forget being so very excited to get to pick out my book to read for the week. Although they were picture books with very few words, there was alot of excitement to read those very few words. It was like when  you come down the stairs the next morning after Santa Clause came. The feeling behind reading and writing was being proud of myself because I finally knew what literacy was. I have not always been the best reader but when I was younger; all the learning tools my teacher used helped me. When learning words or as they called vocabulary for the week, my teacher Ms. Williams (best elementary teac

Alexandra graduating from kindergarten because she learned to read and write.


her) would do ryhming words each week.  For example, one week was “at” words… like cat, bat, rat, nat, and fat. Then there would befive more words but a little more challanging, like flat, chat, brat, boat. Finally she would give us a bonus word for the week that would be combat. So each week we would learn about Elven words that all sound and are spelled the same. This made literacy easier to understand at such an early age. But as the years go on literacy gets more difficult to understand  as a whole. Because there is so many rules you have to follow while reading and writing through the english writing. Furthermore, I’ll never forget doing my first big essay. That was around 7th grade in middle school when I wrote my first five paragraph essay and i actually think it was a narritave as well. But when I heard five paragraphs I was nervous and confused hopw i would write that much but once the teacher broke down how to write the essay correctly it was not as bad as I thoughtit would be. Overall, literacy can seem  like a lot at first but its like a puzzle and you just have to take one step at a time at your own pace to fully get the understanding.                                        



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