Epitome of Persistence

Dear John Lewis,

    The Epitome of American Democracy took place and you and Dr. King went to support the Delegates. Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer did her testimony and looked the nation. He and eighteen others traveled 26 miles to Indiana to try and vote, only for two of them to take the literacy test. She was then told to withdraw and leave and she refused to withdraw. Later tag tonight  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tuckers house had 16 bullets shot at their house and two girls were shot in Ruleville. Mrs. Fannie was sent to jail and beaten multiple times. The president knew caught by their wrong doings and tried to cover up what had happened. White House started to lose the South. Senator Humphrey said all he could do was pray and hope for the best. Mrs Fannie told him ” You are afraid to do whats RIGHT.” A meeting was then called and only 2 MFDP Delegates would be recognized some took that as a win, others did not. All 68 Delegates rejected the proposal. There was then a protest but was shortly shut down by police. Many people came together once again to try an vote and waited outside the courthouse. It became such a big protest schools joined in and even children 9 years young. They were all under arrest and told they could sing to the jail. To me this horrible that would even trying take children who are not even in double digits to jail just because they were fighting for their own rights. If I got to ask a question it would be how do you keep being so strong and taking the beatings and jail time constantly. Back then you would get arrested for protesting but now protesting is apart of everyones right which is a solution already. #Freedomtoprotest #civilrights #neverbackdown #votersrights

Sincerely,  Lexie Daniel

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