9 October 2019

Dear John Lewis,

The pages 25-80 really showed what people had to go through during the Civil Rights movement. The overall goal was for African Americans to be able to vote. Because in 1963, they made it almost impossible for African American to even register, only 2.1 percent were able to vote. You are the leader of the SNCC and wanted them to join in on the nonviolent protests… when you said “One man, One vote.” Freedom Day took place on October 7th 1963,  where African Americans waited outside the court house to be able to register but deputies shortly showed up and told everyone, “If any of y’all leave the line… you are not getting back in.” This meant everyone waiting could not use the bathroom nor get something to drink for hours on hours. You saw it as a victory because some people were able too register and there wasn’t any mass arrest. Then the freedom vote was created to stage an election for African Americans to give the right for both black men and women to be able too vote. Fannie Lou Hamer was fired, arrested, and beaten for trying to register in Mississippi. JFK was killed and Lyndon Baines Johnson took over as president and was still proceeding for the Civil Rights Bill. Three of freedom volunteers didn’t show up and go missing as time passed people figured out that police had an idea of what happened to them. 

This whole section made me feel sympathy for everyone who took a stand during the Civil Rights movement because no matter how many times you got arrested or beaten you kept pushing and never gave it up. I truly look up to each and every person who had the courage and fight in them to get the Civil Rights Bill to pass. The crazy thing is in 1963, people had issues with voting and having their voice being heard and in 2016 the United States still doesn’t have a voice because although the people did not vote for trump the government did and he got elected. So to fix this problem every vote should be calculated and the governments vote should only be one vote just like any other regular citizens.  #Oneman #Onevote #RIPJFK #SNCC #3missingvolunteers #Allvoicesneedtobeheard

Sincerely Yours,

Lexie Daniel

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