Never Back Down

Dear John Lewis, 

After finishing the book, I realized I knew the history we were taught from the text books and the facts but not the true emotion and violence that tookplace during this time period. I am glad we read this book because it was truly eye opening. It shows what the goverment and cops and Whites put the African Americans through. Not only did they not have certain rights but they were continuously being threatened, beaten, mistreated and taken to jail, just because of the color of their skin. Also, this book showed me how if you were  White and protested with the Blacks you were treated as one. 

 Multiple people were shot at or killed in the last part of the book for just trying to Defend for their own rights. Because their skin was a different color people believed that they shouldn’t be equal. African Americans including yourself had to go through so much just to be able to vote. 

It is sad to me that it took peoples lives and people continuously getting beaten and going to jail just to have equal rights as other citizens in America. Although I truly admire their determination of never backing down even when violence was brought upon them. #Neverbackdown #johnlewis #Civilrights #equality 


Lexie Daniel