The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is located inside the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Alongside the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra are three other art divisions. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has been at the Woodruff Arts Center since 1968. Recordings done at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra have already won 27 Grammy Awards in four categories in their past 32-year history. Two of their Grammy Awards can be located in the bottom main doors of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.


The Image above is the way the seating chart is arranged. When you first enter the Woodruff Arts Center depending on which way you come from its either going to be all the way in the back of the center (if you come in from the main entrance) or it will be in the front (if you come in from the gift shop entrance). At first it’s really hard to find the Symphony hall, since there are three other divisions inside the same building. Luckily there’s a directory of where to find the orchestra hall.  Once you do see the giant huge letter that say Atlanta Symphony Orchestra you’ll know your in the right spot. Not only that outside of the Woodruff Arts Center walking towards inside, you will find signs that point in the direction of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, as well as the other three art divisions. There are however three different floors in which you can enter the orchestra hall, depending on what types of seats you have. There’s the rear and front balcony, the middle loge, and the main stage where they perform.

The main colors inside of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra are the red fold-able chairs and the beige walls. Inside of the orchestra it looks just how you’d expect an orchestra hall to look like, classy and elegant. The site made me feel as if I was in my fourth grade field trip class about to see “The Stinky Cheese Man” live in concert. Mainly because I did see that performance when I was in Elementary School. Now going back and seeing the place with the lights on instead of off made it seem as if I was about to go see an opera or and actual concert. I felt grown being there by myself with no teacher or adult by my side. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is not only used to play live music, but it’s also used for performing arts, and theater plays. That’s the beauty about the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra anyone can use it and any age can come and see art up on that stage. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra targets any age and any type of performing arts audiences. Not only that but it keeps itself up to date by having a photo-stand right outside the concert halls for young adolescents to take a quick selfie in it and post it on Instagram or Twitter or etcetera. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is a great place to go with friends, family, school trip, or even a classy date. It’s something that will bring memories to anyone of any age, as well as a great time.